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    Re: Should we consider Michael Crabtree?

    Links aren't allowed here, especially if they aren't in a language we can understand...

    But I will say that wouldn't be the first time I've heard about Crabtree possibly having an entourage.

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    Re: Should we consider Michael Crabtree?

    If we don't trade Holt or Pace for a draft pick, I say Andre Smith. If we do trade either Holt, Pace or both for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick I would like to see us go after Crabtree with the 2nd pick.

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    Re: Should we consider Michael Crabtree?

    Sorry about the link, I just did not want to post in a long danish text to prove my source.

    I will delete the link in my prior post. If people want to see the post send me a pb and I will send you the link to the danish site.

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    Re: Should we consider Michael Crabtree?

    I changed my mind and think we should take Crabtree @#2. Although our run defense is almost the worst in the league even after drafting Carricker and Long. Pick up Geoff Hangartner (C) from the Panthers and Colin Cole (DT) from the Packers. Draft Mckillop (MLB) (PITT) in the 3rd. rd. and Baker (DT) (HAMPTON) in the 4th. rd. Carricker @ LDE on running downs with Chamberlain @ SS on running downs. Draft sit. pass rusher for passing downsso then you would have Little - Carricker - Long - Rookie Sit. Pass Rus. on passing downs. Draft OT with the 2nd. rd. pick that could start @ RT. Draft Fiammetta (FB) (SYRACUSE) in the 6th. rd. All of our remaining guards could be in competition for the two remaining gaurd spots. I think this would help our run defense and our offense at the same time. Torry should probably be traded for a 3rd or 4th rd. pick. Im not too sure he really wants to stay anyway. OL would look like - Pace - Bell or Setterstrom - Hangartner - Greco - Beatty or Kropong.

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