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    Sign Rice... Draft Jones... Problem Solved...

    Just went from Duds to Studs... How about it... Wouldn't it be awesome! Do you think the Rams would do something like this?

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    Re: Sign Rice... Draft Jones... Problem Solved...

    I doubt they would commit both large free agent dollars and a first round draft pick to the same position. I anticipate it will be either one or the other.

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    Re: Sign Rice... Draft Jones... Problem Solved...

    I don't understand everyone's utter obsession with the WR position at the cost of every other position on the field. Our defense kept us in games and waited for the offense to win them, yes, but that doesn't mean that the defense can be ignored. Yes, our receivers were sub par, but we also lost what, 3-5 to IR? Specifically Avery and Clayton?

    We need guard upgrades, we need defensive line depth/future starters, we need OLB help desperately, and we need an upgrade or two in the secondary, in my opinion. Oh yeah, and WR and back up RB help.

    Should we invest in a new WR and keep the ones we have, absolutely. However, we need to be smart about it. I would go for spending the money on a solid free agent over a rookie, because overall, our corps is young and could use the tutoring of an established vet, not that Clayton doesn't give us that already. If Clayton didn't get hurt, I truly think we would have seen a much more solid offense, and we wouldn't be all crazy about this subject.

    Furthermore, our new coordinator has lead big time pass offenses with both no name and big name receivers. Let's see what he wants from his receiving corps before we go all crazy with WR shopping.
    I believe!

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    Re: Sign Rice... Draft Jones... Problem Solved...


    I share your thinking on this. While WR is certainly an area we need to address, we have to maintain some attention to areas that can also make a winning difference for us. Specifically, I agree DEFENSE is the area that will get a lot of attention from Spags. That is what won the Super Bowl for him in 2007 by negating the Patriots high powered offense. We are not going to go from our current offense to the newest rendition of GSOT, so defense will keep the opposition from scoring those killer 4th quarter TD's and winning games we have the lead in. I believe this is the type of team Spags is looking to build, aggressively defensive with a solid offense. If we can snare a proven WR (Rice or Jackson) in FA (whenever that happens), I'd be more than happy to see how McD works that into the offense with our other young WR's. We do need an interior OL upgrade which will likely happen in the middle rounds or FA (whenever that happens) to answer your point there. I really think the advent of the CBA and a resumption of FA will have a big impact on our draft plan.

    I would love to see a DL like Stephen Paea who may be injured so we'll have to wait to learn more, as a disruptive force. Look at the impact Suh had in Detroit, not that Paea is another Suh, or an edge rushing OLB (see Clay Mathews) that can stop drives. Akeem Ayers or Vonn Miller may be those players. From our pick at #14 we'll have various options and Julio Jones may be one of them, but not if we sign a Rice or Jackson. I agree that we cannot be obsessed with the WR position to the detriment of other positions particularly on defense.

    Bottom line, you articulated my thoughts on this WR obsession perfectly.

    Go Rams!

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