Smith or Monroe? Baylor OT Jason Smith says St. Louis Rams don’t tip hand
By Jim Thomas
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith knows the Rams like him a lot. But enough to draft him No. 2 overall instead of Virginia counterpart Eugene Monroe?

Who knows?

“I don’t know if they like me more than they like Monroe,” Smith told the Post-Dispatch. “I don’t know if they’re going to draft me or Monroe. I do know that they like me, and at the end of the day they need a tackle because they let Orlando Pace go. So who knows? They may draft Andre Smith.”

Don’t hold your breath on that one. But if the Rams do go offensive tackle at No. 2 overall, it currently looks like a dead heat between Monroe and Jason Smith.

Monroe, Jason Smith, and another first-round offensive tackle prospect _ Michael Oher of Mississippi _ all paid pre-draft visits to Rams Park last Tuesday and Wednesday.

“I met all the coaches, the GM, I met all the player personnel guys,” Smith said. “I met all the scouts. There were a lot of other players there.”

Smith said all the offensive line prospects got in front of the greaseboard to draw up plays during their visit. The Rams’ veteran offensive linemen _ players like Jacob Bell, Jason Brown, Alex Barron, etc. _ were in the meeting room at the same time. (Rams veterans are in town taking part in the team’s offseason conditioning program.)

“They came in and we all listened to them go over things they went over the day before,” Smith said. “We got to watch them work out. . .so it was a great opportunity to see them.”

During the evening, the draft prospects ate dinner with coaches and front office personnel in the swank, private suite of late owner Georgia Frontiere on the second floor of Rams Park.

“It was set up real nice,” Smith said. “The food was catered and it was great. I ate some prime rib, some sweet potato casserole, and some steamed veggies.”

Smith said he couldn’t detect any favoritism by the Rams towards him or Monroe.

“You can kind of sense what they’re thinking, but then again, they’ve also got me and him here at the same time,” Smith said.

In fact, Smith and Monroe sat next to each other at dinner.

“I can kick it with Monroe,” Smith said. “I like him as a person. We don’t say much about each other. We don’t compare ourselves to each other. But to me, I think Eugene is a great person. If Eugene Monroe gets drafted before me, they got a great guy.”