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    smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Probably way too early for this but draft season seems to come around earlier and earlier for us Rams fans... the order would have changed after this weekends matchups but for the sake of the mock just interpret it as though this is the order come April. Of course feedback, constructive criticism, comments, opinions, likes/dislikes, etc. are extremely appreciated.

    I'll do an updated v2.0 over Christmas break when I'm done my final exams, with an updated draft order and more in-depth explanations.

    Here goes:

    I am assuming Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow don't declare.
    *An asterisk following a name indicates an underclassman.

    Round 1

    1. Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford*, QB, Georgia
    The struggling Lions have four draft picks in the first three rounds this year and this gives them an opportunity to get younger fast. They’ll follow the Falcons’ formula here, going with their franchise QB with their first-round selection.

    2. Kansas City Chiefs: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
    Kansas City’s pass rush has been non-existent this year after they stupidly traded away Pro-Bowler Jared Allen. Tamba Hali is having a down year and they need a young playmaker to come in opposite him. This may seem a little high for Orakpo but I think his combine numbers and a combination of need will prompt KC to take him at the top of the draft.

    3. Cincinnati Bengals: Andre Smith*, OT, Alabama
    The Bengals have a lot of needs but the first to be addressed should be to get their once-explosive offense back on track. This would start with strengthening their OL and bringing in a franchise OT for the next decade. He has the speed and athleticism to give Carson Palmer enough time in the pocket and to protect his blindside.

    4. Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree*, WR, Texas Tech
    Al Davis threw big money at bust WR Javon Walker to give a target for big-money QB Jamarcus Russell to throw to. The obvious pick here for the Raiders would be one of the two remaining blue chip OT prospects on the board, but this is Al Davis’ team were talking about and I find it hard to believe he would pass on a specimen with the potential that Crabtree has.

    5. St. Louis Rams: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
    St. Louis’ struggles have continued into the 08-09 season, largely due to their struggling OL. Orlando Pace cannot seem to stay healthy and his best years are no doubt behind him. Alex Barron hasn’t lived up to his billing as a future replacement for Pace and seems like a better fit as a RT, if he can even manage to stay in the starting line-up. Oher would start from day one if not at LT then as an OG. Oher has been compared to Pace numerous times, as a rare combination of size and speed.

    6. Seattle Seahawks: Malcom Jenkins, CB, Ohio St.
    Seattle’s secondary has been pretty abysmal this season and they could use instant upgrades at the safety and cornerback position. Malcolm Jenkins opted not to come out last year and it is now paying off as he is a sure-fire top 10 pick and the clear-cut number 1 CB in this year’s class.

    7. San Francisco 49’ers: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
    QB has to be number 1 on San Fran’s draft board at this point, but with no value at this pick they’ll have to look elsewhere. If any other QBs come out early, they will surely be taken here. The 49’ers also need a corner but the Seahawks beat them to the punch. The Niner’s OL has also been pretty shabby this year, especially in pass-protection. They have given up 36 sacks this season already.

    8. Houston Texans: William Moore, S, Missouri
    Houston’s defense is a mess and they have a number of glaring holes on that side of the ball. They get a beast of a safety here who will help sure up their secondary. S Taylor Mays is also an option, as well as some help at OLB. The Texans will surely use some more day-1 picks on defensive players in the next few rounds.

    9. San Diego Chargers: Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
    San Diego’s defense has been underwhelming this season, to say the least. Their number one needs are along the DL but their isn’t really anybody who fits their scheme worth a top-10 pick at this point so the Chargers will go with a star MLB who will fit their 3-4 scheme. The right side of their OL also needs an upgrade so a reach for a guy like Jason Smith is a possibility here.

    10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Taylor Mays*, S, USC
    The Jags secondary is absolutely horrible and Taylor Mays fills a massive need here. James Laurinitis is also a huge possibility here with Mike Peterson likely to walk. A WR like Jeremy Maclin could also be a possibility with Jerry Porter looking like a FA bust. Help along the OL, particularly at OG, is also in need but the value isn’t there with a top-10 pick.

    11. Cleveland Browns: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
    The Browns’ defense has been brutal this year (28th vs. the run) and Aaron Curry has been climbing the boards for weeks. Curry would help vs. the run and in coverage. The Browns have a number of other needs defensively (CB, S, DE, DT) and the homer pick seems to be RB Chris “Beanie” Wells but I think the abysmal defense gets the pick here as RB can be addressed in the next few rounds.

    12. Buffalo Bills: Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
    The Bills DL has been awful this year. Marcus Stroud has helped stop the run and Kawaika Mitchell has been the only pass-rushing option but he only has 3 sacks. Help is definitely essential along the DL and the Bills should definitely look at either Johnson or Greg Hardy. Johnson is an athletic freak who will give the Bills the pass-rush they need.

    13. Chicago Bears: Greg Hardy*, DE, Ole Miss
    The Bears are another team whose DL has been underperforming this season and Hardy would help give them the pressure they need from the outside. WR is also an option; Jeremy Maclin would give Kyle Orton that reliable target the bears are lacking.

    14. New Orleans Saints: Vontae Davis*, CB, Illinois
    Mike McKenzie was lost for the season this year and it looks like he will either retire or not be resigned at the end of the season. With recent FA busts Jason David and Randall Gay in the past few seasons, the Saints should end their CB troubles by taking Davis here. Aaron Curry seems to be the fan favourite and would be the pick if he were still on the board.

    15. Minnesota Vikings: James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio St.
    QB seems like the obvious choice for a first-round pick for the Vikes and would likely be the pick provided some of the top QBs came out early and fell this far. With that not the case here, the Vikings go best player available and grab a starting-calibre MLB in Laurinaitis. He will be a beast and hold down the middle helping the Vikings against the run and the pass. A pass rusher like Selvie could also be an option but with all the money given to Jared Allen it seems unlikely.

    16. Green Bay Packers: Terrence Cody*, DT, Alabama
    Justin Harrell has been a massive bust at DT for the Pack and with Johnathon Jolly’s legal troubles, DT might be the pick here. They could also use a real pass rusher after KGB was given the boot before the beginning of the season so a guy like George Selvie could be an option here.

    17. Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
    Help on the OL and safety are the two biggest needs for Philly right now and with Moore and Mays off the board they’ll have to go with the former. Smith could help strengthen the Eagles aging line who is likely to lose Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan in the offseason.

    18. Miami Dolphins: George Selvie*, DE, South Florida
    Scouting reports on the South Florida DE are calling Selvie a DeMarcus Ware clone. Parcells loves freakish pass-rushing 3-4 OLBs. He would come in and start opposite a Joey Porter who is back to his old form and eventually take over for him. Despite CB being the Phin’s clear-cut number one need, Parcells wants to build his beastly 3-4 and that starts with the front-7.

    19. Atlanta Falcons: Sen`Derrick Marks*, DT, Auburn
    Hotlanta has their young offense in place, but they need to sure up their mediocre defense. Marks would help seal up the interior line against the run. Their secondary could also use an upgrade all over, especially with an elderly Laywor Milloy. A TE for Matty-Ice to develop with could also be an intriguing option here, with a guy like Jermaine Gresham, should he opt to come out, on the board.

    20. New England Patriots: Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
    New England’s secondary is awful and the crop of free agents the Pats brought in has not gotten the job done. They also desperately need a replacement at safety to replace an aging Rodney Harrison. The LB corps could also use some depth and upgrades with Adalius Thomas out for the year and an aging Bruschi and Vrabel.

    21. Detroit Lions (f/DAL): Ciron Black*, OT, LSU
    Detroit picks up its franchise LT here to protect its young QB. A pass-rushing DE is also desperately needed, but the Lions can’t miss out on an LT like this, provided he declares.

    22. Denver Broncos: Chris Wells*, RB, Ohio St.
    Beanie’s slide stops here and the Broncos finally get a legitimate franchise RB. I don’t really like this pick as a guy this talented should probably go earlier to someone like the Browns or Bengals who could use an upgrade to their run game.

    23. Indianapolis Colts: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss
    Indy simply cannot stop the run and are perilously thin at DT. Probably the best senior DT in the country will come in and help eat up those running lanes.

    24. Washington Redskins: Everette Brown*, DE, Florida State
    Jason Taylor is 34 years old and Washington is still struggling to get the pash rush they need. The speedy Brown will help the ‘Skins with their edge rush.

    25. Baltimore Ravens: Jeremy Maclin*, WR, Missouri
    Maclin will give new franchise QB Flacco a reliable #1 target. The Mizzou product is probably the 2nd best WR of the class, should he choose to declare.

    26. New York Jets: Knowshown Moreno*, RB, Georgia
    Thomas Jones is 30 years old but looks like he still has some gas in the tank. Moreno would instantly create a 2-headed monster at RB for the Jets and in a few years be the feature back for the Ganggreen.

    27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Darrius Howard-Bey*, WR, Maryland
    Joey Galloway’s got the rings on the trunk and outside of pleasant surprise Antonio Bryant, the Bucs don’t really have a legitimate starting WR on their roster. Howard-Bey will be an immediate upgrade for whoever is under center in Tampa next season.

    28. Arizona Cardinals: Alex Mack, C, California
    One of the best C prospects in a long time, Mack will slip into the 1st round here. He will come in and sure up the interior of Arizona’s OL and be an upgrade in run-blocking and pass-protection.

    29. Pittsburgh Steelers: Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma
    Pittsburgh OL has been an absolute mess this season and Robinson will come in here and fill the void created when Alan Faneca peaced in free agency after last season.

    30. Philadelphia (f/CAR): Jermaine Gresham*, TE, Oklahoma
    LJ Smith cannot stay healthy and it doesn’t seem like he will be re-signed at the end of the season when his contract is up. QB will definitely be an option here with the troubles going on in Philly, as it doesn’t look like Reid or McNabb will be there next season.

    31. New York Giants: Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
    The injury to Osi Umeniyora caused Mathias Kiwanauka to be moved to DE from his original position of OLB. His absence at the LB showed that the G-Men are really lacking in depth in that department. Cushing, the second Trojan LB to be taken in rd. 1, will provide depth when Osi returns from injury.

    32. Tennessee Titans: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
    Javon Kearse is getting up there in years and the Titans lost some big name DEs to free agency last season. WR is definitely a possibility but the Titans have proven in the last couple of seasons they aren’t going to draft a WR high and Justin Gage seems to be coming into his own as a nice deep threat for Kerry Collins.
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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Round 2

    33. Detroit Lions: Brandon Graham*, DE, Michigan
    Graham gives Detroit their #1 pass rusher as they continue their rebuilding process in this years draft.

    34. Kansas City Chiefs: Brandon Spikes*, ILB, Florida
    The Chiefs run D (and defense in general) is suffering and Spikes is a big body playmaker to hold down the middle.

    35. Cincinnati Bengals: LeSean McCoy*, RB, Pittsburgh
    After opting to go OL in round one, the Bengals get a back to run behind their big OT and help get Carson Palmer and the rest of the passing game back on track.

    36. St. Louis Rams: Herman Johnson, OG, LSU
    Johnson will bring his massive frame and athleticism to St. Louis ailing OL, teaming up with Oher to solidify the line once and for all.

    37. Seattle Seahawks: Eben Britton*, OT, Arizona
    Britton will bring youth to Seattles line still feeling the effects of Steve Hutchinson hitting free agency.

    38. Oakland Raiders: Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
    After going for the luxury pick in round 1, the Raiders attempt to fix their porous line and the root of most of their problems.

    39. Houston Texans: Brandon Graham*, DE, Michigan
    Graham will play across from Mario Williams and help to strengthen the Texans’ weak defense.

    40. San Francisco 49’ers: Trevard Lindley*, CB, Kentucky
    Outside of Nate Clements, the Niners are hurting in the CB department. The Kentucky DB has a nose for interceptions and will help to strengthen San Fran’s secondary.

    41. Jacksonville Jaguars: Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU
    It seems as though there is an irreparable rift between Coach Del Rio and Mike Peterson so it seems likely that he will test free agency this coming offseason. The Jags will bring in a replacement to help hold down the MLB position.

    42. Cleveland Browns: DeMarco Murray*, RB, Oklahoma
    They probably should have gone for Beanie Wells in round 1 to team up and eventually replace an aging Jamal Lewis, but they get a new best friend for Brady Quinn here.

    43. New England Patriots (f/SD): Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia
    New England’s Linebackers are getting aren’t getting younger and after drafting a replacement for Junior Seau last year, Belichek will get an eventual replacement for Mike Vrabel here.

    44. Chicago (5-5): Percy Harvin*, WR, Florida
    Chicago doesn’t have a number one receiver right now and Kyle Orton needs someone he can get the ball to.

    45. New York Giants (f/NO): Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St.
    The Giants will get an upgrade over Kevin Boss here who is turning out to be a nice player in his own right, after the departure of Jeremy Shockey.

    46. Minnesota Vikings: Russell Okung*, OT, Oklahoma State
    The right side of Minny’s line hasn’t been amazing this season so the Vikes will bring an a guy to help sure it up.

    47. Green Bay Packers: Sam Young*, OT, Notre Dame
    Tackles Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher have been in the league for a while and are eventually going to have to be replaced. Young will help address the lack of depth along the Green Bay OL.

    48. Buffalo Bills: Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
    Robert Royal hasn’t lived up to his billing so the Bills will bring in a TE here to help young QB Trent Edwards develop with.

    49. Philadelphia Eagles: Kam Chancellor*, S, Virginia Tech
    Chancellor will come in and play alongside and learn from one of the best in the game, Brain Dawkins. The Eagles don’t really have a legitimate safety after Dawkins, since Michael Lewis bounced to San Fran.

    50. Atlanta Falcons: Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama
    The Falcons secondary could use some help and vet Lawyor Milloy will soon have to be replaced.

    51. New England Patriots: Patrick Chung, S, Oregon
    The Pats get another DB to help their woeful secondary and an eventual replacement for Rodney Harrison.

    52. Dallas Cowboys: D.J. Moore*, CB, Vanderbilt
    Terrance Newman and Anthony Henry are both on the backside of their careers and simply can’t seem to stay healthy. The Pacman Jones experiment clearly isn’t working out so the ‘Boys are going to address this issue here.

    53. Denver Broncos: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
    Denvers run defense has been a mess here but the Broncos find tremendous value in the Eagle DT here.

    54. Indianapolis Colts: Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
    The Colts go DT again as it is clearly their biggest problem area.

    55. Miami Dolphins (f/WAS): Scott McKillop, ILB, Pittsburgh
    The Dolphins attempt to fill the void left by Zach Thomas last season in the form of a tackling machine with an awesome last name.

    56. Baltimore Ravens: Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati
    Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle are both past their prime and the Ravens will bring in a CB to play alongside FA signing Fabian Washington.

    57. Miami Dophins: Nic Harris, S, Oklahoma
    The ‘Phins go DB here getting a safety to replace a struggling Renaldo Hill.

    58. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri
    Tampa Bay is used to big-time DTs like Warren Sapp and Booger McFarland. A DT here should help fill that void in the middle.

    59. Arizona Cardinals: Jamon Meredith, OT, South Carolina
    The Cardinals get more help for their line here in the form of versatile left tackle who has played on both the right and left side in college.

    60. New York Jets Jets: Dannell Enerbe, ILB, Georgia
    Will come in and play beside David Harris, replacing former stud Johnathon Vilma.

    61. Pittsburgh Steelers: Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech
    The Steelers need some youth at the CB position and get good value here for the VT product.

    62. Carolina Panthers: Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan
    Will come in and help fill the massive void left by massive Kris Jenkins.

    63. New York Giants: Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin
    You can never have enough depth along the DL, especially when your DC is Steve Spanuolo.

    64. Tennessee Titans: Kenny Britt*, WR, Rutgers
    The Titans get a nice deep threat here for either Vince Young or Kerry Collins.
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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Round 3

    65. Detroit Lions: Louis Murphy, WR, Florida
    After shipping Roy E. Williams to the Cowboys this season, Detroit surprisingly doesn’t have a legitimate #2 to Calvin Johnson after going wideout in round 1 all these years.

    66. Kansas City Chiefs: Derrick Williams, WR, Penn St.
    Another young weapon for QB Tyler Thigpen to develop a rapport with, should help take some pressure off of Dwayne Bowe.

    67. Cincinnati Bengals: Johnathon Luigs, C, Arkansas
    Eric Ghiaciuc has struggled all season long, even with the snaps, so the Bengals opt to replace him with this pick.

    68. Seattle Seahawks: Emanuel Cook*, S, South Carolina
    Brian Russell has been brutal at safety for the ‘Hawks so they get a much-needed replacement here.

    69. Oakland Raiders: Antoine Caldwell, C, Alabama
    Oaktown gets another much-needed piece of its offensive line puzzle in the form of the Crimson Tide center.

    70. St. Louis Rams: Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio St.
    The Rams get good value for the Ohio State ‘backer here. Freeman will come in and help immediately with the Rams awful run defense.

    71. San Francisco 49’ers: Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St.
    Shaun Hill, though he looks better than J.T. O’Sullivan, just doesn’t look like a starter in the NFL. You’ve got to think Martz is going to want to bring in a QB of his own to develop.

    72. Houston Texans: Darius Butler, CB, Conneticut
    Dunta Robinson is set to become a free agent and the Texans have holes all over their defense. They attempt to address one of them here.

    73. Dallas Cowboys (f/CLE): Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson
    The other Roy Williams has certainly regressed from his former self and the ‘Boys will attempt to draft his replacement here.

    74. San Diego Chargers: Troy Kopong, OT, Tulane
    The Chargers OL hasn’t lived up to expectations this season so they get some needed depth with this pick.

    75. Jacksonville Jaguars: Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland
    Jags get another DB to help rebuild their under-performing secondary.

    76. New Orleans Saints: Clay Matthews, OLB, USC
    Scott Shanle hasn’t proven he’s a starter on this defense so the Saints bring in a guy to play alongside Johnathon Vilma after missing out on Aaron Curry in round 1.

    77. Minnesota Vikings: Jared Cook*, TE, South Carolina
    A much-needed upgrade for Visanthe Shiancoe and another target for whoever is under the helm for the Vikings.

    78. Green Bay Packers: Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati
    The Packers pass rush has regressed this season after releasing long-time Packer KGB.

    79. Buffalo Bills: Sean Witherspoon*, OLB, Missouri
    Will bring depth to a LB corps that used to be home to big name LBs like London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes.

    80. Chicago Bears: Alex Boone, OT, Ohio St.
    The Bears bread and butter on offense is their power run game and they attempt to improve it here with another offensive lineman.

    81. Philadelphia Eagles: James Davis, RB, Clemson
    An insurance policy for an oft-injured Brian Westbrook and tremendous value for the back out of Clemson.

    82. New England Patriots: Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
    Benjamin Watson has been a free agency bust so the Pats get younger here at the TE position.

    83. Detroit Lions (f/DAL): Cornelius Ingram, TE, Florida
    The Lions bring in another young weapon for QB Matt Stafford to develop with.

    84. Denver Broncos: Courtney Greene, S, Rutgers
    The Broncos safeties are a bunch of no-namers since John Lynch hung up the cleats so the Broncos look for a replacement here.

    85. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio St.
    Marvin Harrison has finally shown his age this season so the Colts will have to bring in another wide receiver for Peyton’s high-octane offense.

    86. Washington Redskins: Fili Moala, DT, USC
    Good value here for the USC tackle that probably shouldn’t have slipped this far, will help the interior of the ‘Skins DL.

    87. Baltimore Ravens: Anthony Heygood, OLB, Purdue
    Terrell Suggs might be leaving in free agency and thus the Ravens will need to seek a replacement after Adalius Thomas skipped town last season.

    88. Miami Dolphins: Deangelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati
    The ‘Phins go DB again, this time in the form of a CB to help their porous secondary.

    89. Atlanta Falcons: Xavier Fulton, OT, Illinois
    The Falcons have struggled a bit this season since rookie OT Sam Baker went out due to injury, so an OLineman here will provide depth in the event that the injury bug bites again.

    90. Arizona Cardinals: Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan St.
    Tim Hightower has become quite the player in the desert but he doesn’t seem like a feature back. With Edgerrin James most likely gone at the end of the season, the Cards will need someone to team him up with.

    91. New York Jets: Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon
    Will come in and provide depth along the Jets offensive line where the right side might eventually be in need of replacement.

    92. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Hunter Cantwell, QB, Louisville
    Jeff Garcia might not be in Tampa next season and the Bucs don’t seem to have a starting QB on their roster besides him.

    93. Pittsburgh Steelers: Vance Walker, DT, Georgia Tech
    The Steelers get depth for their other line this time round with a big DT.

    94. Carolina Panthers: Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma
    Keary Colbert was a bit of a free agency bust and Dwayne Jarrett has been a pretty big bust thus far so the Panthers will try and bring in some more WR depth here.

    95. New York Giants: Curtis Taylor, S, LSU
    Will come in and play alongside safety Kenny Phillips in the G-Men secondary.

    96. Tennessee Titans: Daryl Richard, DT, Georgia Tech
    Albert Haynesworth probably won’t leave as a free agent but even if he stays the Titans have little to no depth to speak of behind him.
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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    I'm not sold on our third round pick. We have enough small athletic outside linebackers as it is. What we really need is a big body middle linebacker who can punish the opposing running backs.

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Defense View Post
    I'm not sold on our third round pick. We have enough small athletic outside linebackers as it is. What we really need is a big body middle linebacker who can punish the opposing running backs.

    I agree, that is why I think Scott McKillup (sp?) from Pitt might be a prospect for us. As bad as our OL is I'm not sure we'll spend picks in round 1 & 2 on o-lineman. We may have to focus on SS to replace Chavous and don't rule out a long-term pick in round 3, no earlier, of a QB to replace Bulger. If Bulger gets traded, presumably for picks then it will be sooner, but that's too speculative for now.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    The only problem I have is the third round for us. I love the first two picks and I will not argue with you. That is potentially two starters right there!

    We need a MLB for sure. If we can snag the BPA MLB then we need to take it.

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Good work. I really tought we had the O-line set this year, Pace would be back and healthy, and Barron would develop.
    I'd prefer Andre Smith, but wouldn't mind Oher either. You can debate which is best between the two easily.

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by mde8352gorams View Post
    I agree, that is why I think Scott McKillup (sp?) from Pitt might be a prospect for us. As bad as our OL is I'm not sure we'll spend picks in round 1 & 2 on o-lineman. We may have to focus on SS to replace Chavous and don't rule out a long-term pick in round 3, no earlier, of a QB to replace Bulger. If Bulger gets traded, presumably for picks then it will be sooner, but that's too speculative for now.

    Go Rams!
    i agree with you there - unfortunately i don't think McKillop will be there in the 3rd, however. Maybe a guy like S Michael Hamlin from Clemson, or another big-bodied safety will be there in the 3rd round. i have the Rams going safety in the 4th round in the rest of my rams 7 rd mock which i will put on as soon as it allows me to edit my posts.. but for some reason i keep getting server errors. not sure what the problem is.

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    The first two are definently nice. Also, I wouldn't mind the 3rd round pick at all. I'd take any LB regardless of inside or outside position because we haven't see enough from Draft, Culberson, and even Pisa at times to make us believe they should start next year. However, I'm not sure if Marcus Freeman will last till the 3rd round, unless his stock fell this season.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    I love it. Once again, good job.

    If I were to change it. It'd be McKillop (or the best MLB available) or a SS (the best one available).

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Like the first 2 picks, not a big fan of the 3rd though. i would rather see us take the 71 (bomar) or the 73rd (Hamlin). I feel they are better value for us and could make a more direct impact in the future of this team. And a question about the draft in general. I was surprised to not see Pettigrew, TE from Ok state, why?

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    Oh, I lied, 3rd time looking and I see Pettigrew. My bad. I see him and Orakpo being just combine beasts putting up never seen before kind of number helping their stock like crazy

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    It would be fantastic if we got Micheal Oher and Herman Johnson. I just dont see Andre Smith getting picked before Oher and Herman Johnson dropping to the 2nd round would AMAZE me.

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    Re: smizzhfx's '09 3-rd mock draft + rams 7-rd v1.0

    I see the trend of last year continuing this year, with teams focusing on the o-line in the early rounds, and leaving skill players such as WRs on the board until the second round. With that reasoning in mind, I have to agree that Herman Johnson will be off the board early, well before our second pick. I see him being picked around the same time Ben Grubbs was picked a couple of years ago.

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  5. Postgame With Gordo: November 25
    By RamWraith in forum RAM TALK
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