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Thread: Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

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    Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

    It's all over ESPN, talk of the Rams going for Johnny Football even with the second overall pick, and all the reasons they actually could justify passing on a blue chip lineman or receiver to take a backup QB.

    It's hilarious to me, one who has seen Snead in action with his pre-draft smoke, all the while also being transparent at times about the real plan to the home fans who know better than to fall for his tactic to draw a trade perhaps.

    In this case, maybe Jacksonville or Cleveland or Oakland is willing to trade up to make sure they get Manziel, and Snead wants to make sure that St. Louis is the gateway to trading to get him.

    So don't believe one word of the Manziel hype to the Rams, unless you want to be a sucker.

    This draft has shaped up almost perfectly for t he Rams, with their top needs a great fit for where they draft, especially if Clinton -Dix falls to 13.

    If he doesn't, and the Rams settle for either a small deal down to a team wanting to leap over Chicago for DT Aaron Donald, if the Bucs don't take him at 7 or 9to 10 after a deal down, or stay put and take CB Justin Gilbert or DArqueze Dennard, they will get value and need in that pick.

    Snead won't move without it being a good return, and to just the right sweet spot in round one to still get their guy.

    The guy has shown his trade ability, and now he has the best ammo he has had to wheel and deal from; 12 picks overall and already three of the top 45 in a great draft, one of the best ever perhaps.

    I can;t wait to sit back and enjoy what Snead does on draft day, and I think fans will again be happy about the end result.

    I am not going to spend one minute looking at any projections based on recent rumors, however, nor should anyone.
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    Barry Waller

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    Re: Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

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    Re: Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

    Not sure I would let donald go if we were able to get him, especially at 13, which I don't think he will last.

    A lot of people agree with you. The rams are going to check out Matthews and Evans, and have Manziel throw to them. No reason to show one's hand by doing something that directly correlates to not taking a player, i.e. having someone else throw to Evans.

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    Re: Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

    I agree with turbofargo, if Aaron Donald is there at 13, I want him. Largely because he's probably the BPA at that point and he makes our D-Line incredible. At the risk of offending the originals, I will say we could be the Fearsome Foursome 2.0.

    As I have said before Snead is the consumate poker player when it comes to the draft. He knows precisely how to bait the hook. Frankly part of this Manziel to the Rams stuff is because the media is exhausted trying to maintain interest in the extended draft process this year. I hope we get back to a late April date next year.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Snead Makes ESPN Look Foolish

    Oh No!!! Snead was sooooo sneaky, and he totally had Jacksonville or Cleveland or Oakland ready to move up for Manziel, but then they saw this thread today and realized it was just a ploy. Shoot. The cat's out of the bag now.... sorry Les Snead.

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