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Thread: Snead's 2012 Negotiating Strategy Set a Good Precedent for 2014

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    Snead's 2012 Negotiating Strategy Set a Good Precedent for 2014

    As many will recall, when the Rams traded the 2nd pick in the 2012 draft, they had two primary suitors: Washington and Cleveland.

    After the trade was made, Mike Holmgren, who was the Browns' GM at the time, griped that the Rams had spurned his team's offer, which he claimed was superior to Washington's.

    Peter King described what actually happened as follows:

    Snead said he told all teams interested on March 8 that he was going to have the trade done by the end of that day, and he was going to ask each team to give its best offer for the trade. At that point, he said, after listening to all the proposals, he was going to take the best offer — unless the offer was not anywhere near what the Rams wanted for the pick.
    Those were the rules, Snead said Sunday, that he made clear to each team. Snead asked for everyone’s best offer in individual phone calls. It’s unclear what Cleveland’s offer was, but Washington offered three first-round picks and one second-round pick. That offer, Snead said, was better than Cleveland’s offer. So he told Washington officials that they’d won the bidding and told the Browns they’d lost. At that point, Snead said, Cleveland tried to make another offer, and Snead said the window was closed; the Rams were taking Washington’s offer.
    At that time, some criticized Snead for not playing out the "bidding war" scenario. My reaction was different, as I stated on March 16, 2012:

    This reflects well on Les Snead. He said to the two teams, "give me your best offer, and we'll make a deal with the one who makes the best proposal." The Redskins made the better offer and, instead of going back on his word and continuing to solicit bids, Snead followed through on his promise.

    I think having a reputation as a straight shooter is a good thing for a GM.
    Now, two years later, the Rams are again in the position of having a pick that potentially will be sought by multiple suitors. I'm sure that the GMs of those teams will be familiar with what happened in 2012. As a result, they will hopefully realize that it would be a mistake to try to make a lowball intial offer. Rather, they should make their best pitch immediately, or risk having Snead complete a deal with a bidder who respects the urgency of the process.

    I'd love to get a one-day internship to the Rams Front Office on the day those bids come in!
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    Re: Snead's 2012 Negotiating Strategy Set a Good Precedent for 2014

    And I said in another thread this could be exactly why we could end up with a big haul from Cleveland should they see the need to move up. They got burnt before so they won't chance it again. Different staff in Cleveland but the fans there won't want to miss out again.

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