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    Re: So what IF Torry Holt is gone?

    Another way to look at it...we throw money at Jordan Gross.

    Certainly, he's not as young as Andre Smith but he's a pretty consistent player. This would allow us to get Crabtree.

    And this was my main concern about losing Holt. Yes, he's not as good as he used to be. But damn, we don't have a #1 receiver on this team. If Avery does become the #1 receiver, who is number two?! We don't have that kind of player. And certainly Devaney and co must be fully aware of this.

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    Re: So what IF Torry Holt is gone?

    yeah, if you draft britt in round 2 this solves all problems....

    cut Corey Chavous .....

    OL pick one.....

    LB in free agency....there are some good ones this year...

    round 3 ...Safety / DL...

    then we can be stable...

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    Re: So what IF Torry Holt is gone?

    As much as I love Holt he has been declining for the last couple of years mainly due to the terrible offense Linehan ran, but he is old and his ankle isn't 100%. I'm not sure Avery is ready to step up to the role of first string either. Drew Bennett might be done as well I agree that we can't just cut him, but I wouldn't count on him being there past week 5. What about T. J. Houshmandzadeh he might be available right? Do you think he has got anything good to offer us at least for a year or two until Avery is ready?

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    Re: So what IF Torry Holt is gone?

    looker keeps making team cause he has been the holder....

    time to let that go already
    I believe Jones was the holder this year, so it looks like that has already been let go.

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