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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Softli's Drafts

    Thought I'd take a look at how he's drafted over the years. It says he was promoted to director of college scouting for the Panthers in 2000, so I'm going to assume that he ran those drafts. Here are his picks (first day and notables, only):

    1: Rashard Anderson, CB (got into drug problems)
    2: Deon Grant, FS (starter)
    3: Leander Jordan, T (waved by the start of the 2002 season, backup now with Chargers)
    6: Jeno James, G (starter, on IR in 2006)

    1: Dan Morgan, MLB (starter)
    2: Kris Jenkins, DT (starter)
    3: Steve Smith, WR (starter)
    4: Chris Weinke, QB (backup)

    1: Julius Peppers, DE (starter)
    2: DeShaun Foster, RB (starter)
    3: Will Witherspoon, OLB (starter)

    1: Jordan Gross, T (starter)
    2: Bruce Nelson, C (never touched the field)
    3: Mike Seidman, TE (made it to a starter in 2006, but spent most of it on IR)
    3: Ricky Manning, CB (starter)

    1: Chris Gamble, CB (starter)
    2: Keary Colbert, WR (backup)
    3: Travelle Wharton, T (starter)

    1: Thomas Davis, SS (starter, verdict still out)
    2: Eric Shelton, RB (backup, not great)
    3: Evan Mathis, G (starter)
    3: Atiyyah Ellison, DT (cut before start of the season)

    Positives: He got 8 starters out of 10 picks from the defensive side of the ball on the first day of the draft during his tenure. That's incredible. He only got 4 starters, 2 backups, and 2 maybe-somethings out of 10 picks on the offensive side of the ball, but that's still very good. Plus, he got another starter and a backup from his day 2 picks.

    Cons: ALMOST NOTHING out of day 2. I wonder if he looks at himself and questions how he judged talent that needed to be developed on draft day. That's 1 starter and 1 backup out of 28 picks on day 2.

    Verdict: Basically, if it's up to me, I'd say I'm ecstatic about his performances. If we never get anything from day 2, I'm ok with that. He seems to have an incredible eye for defensive talent on the first day of the draft, and that could mean great things for us this year. Even with little to nothing on day 2, he's picked 13 starters out of 48 picks from 2000 to 2005, for a rate of 27%. Not bad at all, especially compared to us. However, as I said, they have had a ton of day 2 picks during his tenure, and so far he's made nothing of it. What do you all think?
    Got this off of another board. Now if that doesn't add confidence to Softli on this team I don't know what does.

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    Re: Softli's Drafts

    Well see what happens, looks like he did good in round 2 of the draft.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    BigGame Guest

    Re: Softli's Drafts


    Those 2001 and 2002 drafts were top notch. Getting both Jenkins, Smith, and Witherspoon outside of the first was a key in the Panthers' Superbowl run a couple years ago.

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    Re: Softli's Drafts

    Let's hope he can work some of that day one magic for us!

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    Country Guest

    Re: Softli's Drafts

    Improvement is what I see.

    2007 Draft here we come.

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    Re: Softli's Drafts

    well you have to take into account that the first day is all about drafting talent, so he would have probably picked those guys, whle second day is more about filling the roster, so positional coaches would have had more say on the matter.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: Softli's Drafts

    i dont think anyone can be totally sure of who he picked personally(well not ouside the panthers franchise ),seems like theres lots of folks involved in the draft and maybe in a few cases he wanted someone else and fox said hey i prefer him or whatever!

    i would like to add also i think weve done a good job the last two years in the draft on BOTH days,hope he aint gonna throw picks away,to build a superbowl winning franchise you gotta squeeze the most out of every oppurtunity

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Softli's Drafts

    this is not all about who he picks guy's, he is an evaluator of college talent. he goes and watches the top 150 players play and gets to know the system and coaches and players around these guy's. he evaluates them and see's how they fit , their character and issues if any, and then works with the coach to see who should and should not be drafted. he even stated that he is doing the work for linehan and linehan will build the team as he see's fit to do, softli is there as a tool to help the coach with evaluation experiance, which is great , because some teams ( like the patriots) scout and evaluate players and college drafties, and most teams use a service to evaluate, kind of a genaric opinion. the rams where one of them. NOT NO MORE BABY. we'll be a top flight team in this league very soon, and softli even said that the rams where a great organization , top to bottom.


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