When this offseason started. I said to myself, as long as we resign Saffold and pick up Byrd then its a successful FA. 50% done, but guess what, Byrd was way too expensive. Guess what else? We have the #2, #13, and #45 pick. Why try to go out and spend so much in FA when the draft is wide open for us. We will have an opportunity to rack up more picks. In the long term, we might have to sign Quinn, Brockers and Bradford. Then Ogletree, Austin and Stacy later. I don't think any one safety or CB from FA this year was going to completely turn our D around. Plus there is a lot of time left to pick up hole plug-ins. We are on the right path.

Lets have a great draft, a great year, and put ourselves in a position next year where we get what we want. We don't have that right now, so no point in overpaying or going after FAs if we don't need to! I'm happy with the approach Jeff Fisher and Snead are taking this offseason. Don't forget we picked up the best CB, TE and LT in FA the last 2 years. So stop getting your panties in a wad just because nothing big has happened this year. We have a gold mine of draft picks!!