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    some recent combine results

    here's some preliminary results of defensive players from the combine. you may notice some discrepancies regarding the 40 times, especially compared to the results...

    By Todd McShay, Scouts Inc.
    Todd McShay Archive

    Combine Reports: Part I | Part II | Part III

    Editor's note: Part IV of Todd McShay's Indianapolis combine report consists of linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties.

    INDIANAPOLIS – The sixth and final day of official events at the 2005 NFL scouting combine lasted far longer than expected Tuesday. Several coaches and NFL officials were forced to leave early or miss their originally intended flight out of Indianapolis.

    With all of the measurements, physicals, interviews and strength testing completed and just three groups of workouts remaining, the consensus was that the day's events would be finished by 2 p.m. However, because of the depth of this year's defensive backs class, and the participation in regard to the workouts and 40-yard dash runs, the final group did not wrap things up until almost 5 p.m.

    The final day of activities provided fireworks. Texas OLB Derrick Johnson was the "real deal" with one of the most impressive linebacker workouts in years, including a 4.54 in the 40-yard dash. Tennessee OLB Kevin Burnett and Southern Utah OLB Marques Harris put on a show of their own when they played a one-up-you game of gymnastics at the end of each of their position drill workouts.

    Burnett started things off with a back flip at the conclusion of one of the rip drills. Harris elected to outdo Burnett with a cartwheel into a back flip. After the two exchanged blows once again, Harris sealed the deal with a cartwheel followed by consecutive back flips that left the entire audience -- including Burnett -- in awe of his athletic prowess. While the display had absolutely nothing to do with position-specific skills, NFL coaches and scouts were impressed.

    The combine came to an end when the 12th and final group ran its 40-yard dashes. The 4.29 run by Oklahoma State CB Darrent Williams was impressive, but not nearly as impressive as Nebraska CB Fabian Washington's 4.25. One scout said of Washington's run, "Deion Sanders ran anywhere between a 4.23 and 4.30 -- depending on which stopwatch you believe." He continued by saying, "Fabian's time is definitely the fastest since that day, and it may actually have been faster."

    Below is a positional breakdown of Tuesday's combine workout, which was dedicated primarily to 40 times, with some agility and position-specific drills. It is the conclusion of a four-part series that has covered the 333 prospects (17 positions in 12 groups) who worked out at the 2005 NFL combine.

    Inside and outside linebackers worked out together in one group (Group 10) Tuesday. Most of the 35 linebackers in attendance worked out (12 of 13 ILBs and 17 of 22 OLBs). The seven who did not run were Kirk Morrison, Burnett, Ryan Claridge, Channing Crowder, Matt Grootegoed, Jared Newberry and Rian Wallace.

    Wallace sat out the 40-yard dash because of a hamstring pull and also had a tough day on the bench press, as he had the fewest reps (10) of all the linebackers who participated. Johnson (4.54), Demarcus Ware (4.56) and Robert McCune (4.50) had the three best 40-yard dash times of the day. While Johnson and McCune's times were impressive, it was Ware's that drew the most attention because it proved that the 6-4, 251-pound DE/OLB tweener has the speed to make a potentially huge impact as a perimeter pass rusher in the NFL.

    Ware's workout could have landed him a spot in the late first or early second round because of the increasing need for rush-linebacker types with his kind of speed. McCune did pull up lame with a hamstring injury during his positional workout segment, but not before he had one of the most impressive showings at the combine with that 4.50 40-yard dash and 34 reps on the standard 225-pound bench press. The two worst 40 times turned in by the linebackers belonged to Martin Patterson (5.00) and Clifford Dukes (4.97).

    Prospect, Position, School Ht.
    Wt. Bench 40

    Liam Ezekiel, ILB, Northeastern 6001 249 4.79
    Alfred Fincher, ILB, Connecticut 6013 238 4.67
    Mike Goolsby, ILB, Notre Dame 6030 249 4.87
    Boomer Grigsby, ILB, Illinois State 5116 249 4.67
    Marcus Lawrence, ILB, South Carolina 6021 243 4.64
    Robert McCune, ILB, Louisville 6000 245 34 4.50
    Lance Mitchell, ILB, Oklahoma 6021 247 4.81
    Kirk Morrison, ILB, San Diego State 6010 235 25
    Martin Patterson, ILB, Texas Christian 6014 243 5.00
    Jonathan Pollard, ILB, Oregon State 6010 247 4.67
    Adam Seward, ILB, UNLV 6022 248 33 4.62
    Lofa Tatupu, ILB, USC 5117
    238 23 4.79
    Odell Thurman, ILB, Georgia 6001 233 25 4.62
    Jordan Beck, OLB, Cal Poly State 4.61
    Darryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia 6025 247 4.66
    Michael Boley, OLB, S. Mississippi 6026 236 4.63
    Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee 6027 239
    Ryan Claridge, OLB, UNLV 6020 254
    Roger Cooper, OLB, Montana State 6023 239 4.69
    Channing Crowder, OLB, Florida 6022 252
    Clifford Dukes, OLB, Michigan State 6034 268 28 4.97
    Jamar Enzor, OLB, Cincinnati 6004 243 4.72
    Matt Grootegoed, OLB, USC 5106 218
    Tyjuan Hagler, OLB, Cincinnati 5115 236 35 4.62
    Marques Harris, OLB, Southern Utah 6011 231 22 4.78
    Leroy Hill, OLB, Clemson 6010 229 4.63
    Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas 6032 242 4.54
    Jared Newberry, OLB, Stanford 6011 254
    Kenneth Pettway, OLB, Grambling St. 6030 236 4.75
    Brady Poppinga, OLB, Brigham Young 6031 259 26 4.60
    Barrett Rudd, OLB, Nebraska 6024 247 25 4.69
    Derek Wake, OLB, Penn State 6026 236 20 4.60
    Rian Wallace, OLB, Temple 6022 241 10
    Demarcus Ware, OLB, Troy 6040 251 4.56
    Cornelius Wortham, OLB, Alabama 6013 236 22 4.76

    Note: In NFL scouting circles, heights are listed in four-digit form. The first digit represents feet, the middle two represent inches and the fourth represents eighths of an inch. So, the listing 6037 translates to 6-foot-3 7/8.

    Washington and Williams obviously stole the show with their respective 40-yard dash times of 4.25 and 4.29. Others who impressed with their speed were Chris McKenzie (4.31), Karl Paymah (4.31), Stanford Routt (4.36), Ronald Bartell Jr. (4.37), Nick Collins (4.39) Stanley Wilson (4.40) and Domonique Foxworth (4.40).

    Justin Miller wasn't quite as fast as expected, but he solidified himself as a late-first-round prospect with his 4.44 speed, as did Carlos Rogers with a strong showing of 4.48. The top two cornerbacks in this year's class -- Antrel Rolle and Adam Jones -- both elected not to run or work out. Rolle left the combine early to get back to Miami in preparation for his pro-timing workout Thursday. The only other cornerbacks who opted not to run were Bryant McFadden (own choice) and Corey Webster (turf toe).

    The overall speed of this group was impressive, but there were a few players who really hurt their chances with poor 40-yard dash times. Abraham Elimimian (4.70) provided the worst time of the afternoon. Others who hurt their stock with slow times were Eric Green (4.55 and 4.61), Marlin Jackson (4.59 and 4.60) and Markus Curry (4.63 and 4.66).

    Bartell sprained his ankle during position drills, while Brandon Browner took himself out of first-round contention with a 4.62 as his best 40 time. Browner did put on an impressive showing during his workouts, though. He is extremely smooth and fluid for a 6-3, 221-pound cornerback and showed excellent ball skills during drills.

    Prospect, School Ht.
    Wt. Bench 40
    Ronald Bartell Jr., Howard 6012 211 4.37
    Brandon Browner, Oregon State 6034 221 13 4.60
    Nick Collins, Bethune-Cookman 5111 206 4.39
    Markus Curry, Michigan 5107 181 4.63
    Travis Daniels, LSU 6005 194 4.59
    Abraham Elimimian, Hawaii 5095 190 4.68
    Dustin Fox, Ohio State 5107
    191 7 4.49
    Domonique Foxworth, Maryland 5111 184 4.40
    Eric Green, Virginia Tech 5113 198 4.55
    Kelvin Hayden, Illinois 5103
    197 17 4.48
    Ellis Hobbs, Iowa State 5090 192 4.50
    Alphonso Hodge, Miami (Ohio) 5106 203 4.47
    Daven Holly, Cincinnati 5103 192 15 4.41
    Marlin Jackson, Michigan 6005 198 4.59
    Derrick Johnson, Washington 5107 197 4.47
    Adam Jones, West Virginia 5094 187
    Eric King, Wake Forest 5084
    189 12 4.50
    Bryant McFadden, Florida State 5116 193
    Chris McKenzie, Arizona State 5084 185 4.37
    Justin Miller, Clemson 5096 201 4.44
    Karl Paymah, Washington State 6000 204 28 4.31
    Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma 5106 190 4.47
    Lamont Reid, North Carolina 5112 195 15 4.53
    Carlos Rogers, Auburn 6003 196 4.48
    Antrel Rolle, Miami 6001
    201 15
    Stanford Routt, Houston 6013 193 4.36
    Scott Starks, Wisconsin 5084 172 13 4.41
    Fabian Washington, Nebraska 5104 188 18 4.25
    Corey Webster, LSU 6001
    199 9
    Aric Williams, Oregon State 5114 187 8 4.62
    Cedric Williams, Kansas State 5096 168 13 4.51
    Darrent Williams, Oklahoma State 5085 176 16 4.29
    Stanley Wilson, Stanford 5116 185 14 4.40
    Jerron Wishom, Louisiana Tech 5116 193 18 4.55

    The biggest story coming out of the safeties' workout Tuesday involved Thomas Davis. Davis will need to move to weakside linebacker in the NFL after weighing in at 230 pounds and running a 4.61 in the 40-yard dash. He should still be a first-round pick, but his stock is likely to slip because of concerns about his needing to make a position change in the NFL. He did play a season at OLB in college, and his best bet (in terms of his draft value) would have been to remain at OLB for his final year at Georgia.

    Gerald Sensabaugh had one of the best showings from the safety class. Sensabaugh is a late bloomer who finished his career at North Carolina after spending time early on at Eastern Tennessee State. He showed up in terrific shape at 6-0, 214 pounds and ran an excellent 40 time (4.49) for his size. Sensabaugh, who once blocked three kicks in one game at ETSU, also had one of the best vertical jumps of the week, reaching 46 inches.

    Others who helped themselves with fast times on the track include Kerry Rhodes (4.46), Marviel Underwood (4.46) and Andre Maddox (4.47). There were seven safeties who did not run or complete their workouts -- O.J. Atogwe (strained glute on first 40 attempt of 4.62), Vincent Fuller (hamstring), Brodney Pool (own choice), Atari Bigby (own choice), Jim Leonhard (foot), Ernest Shazor (own choice) and Donte Nicholson (foot).

    Bigby's decision not to run was particularly peculiar, as he's nothing more than a late-round prospect. He didn't make matters better when he turned in one of the worst position workouts of the group. Bigby's inability to catch the football became embarrassing after a while.

    The three worst 40-yard dash times of the safety class came from Aaron Francisco (4.83), Jamaal Brimmer (4.84) and Atcheson Conway (4.87). On the flip side, the four safeties who helped themselves the most with better times than expected were Justin Beriault (4.53), Jerome Carter (4.52), Josh Bullocks (4.53) and Sean Considine (4.53).

    Prospect, Position, School Ht. Wt. Bench 40
    O.J. Atogwe, FS, Stanford 5110 219 22 4.62
    Josh Bullocks, FS, Nebraska 6000 209 4.53
    James Butler, FS, Georgia Tech 6017 213 16 4.59
    Sean Considine, FS, Iowa 6001 212 4.55
    Ben Emanuel II, FS, UCLA 6026 213 4.56
    Aaron Francisco, FS, Brigham Young 6017 211 4.78
    Vincent Fuller, FS, Virginia Tech 6011 189
    Terry Holley, FS, Rice 6012 211 24 4.65
    Jim Leonhard, FS, Wisconsin 5083 191 19
    Brodney Pool, FS, Oklahoma 6010 207
    Kerry Rhodes, FS, Louisville 6024 209 4.46
    Gerald Sensabaugh, FS, North Carolina 6004 214 17 4.49
    Ernest Shazor, FS, Michigan 6035 228
    Marviel Underwood, FS, San Diego State 5102 205 4.49
    Marquis Weeks, FS, Virginia 5104 216 23 4.56
    Hamza Abdullah, SS, Washington State 4.65
    Justin Beriault, SS, Ball State 6026 204 14 4.56
    Atari Bigby, SS, Central Florida 5106 214
    Jamaal Brimmer, SS, UNLV 6013 216 4.76
    Jerome Carter, SS, Florida State 5113 228 4.51
    Atcheson Conway, SS, Bowie State 5103 218 14 4.87
    Thomas Davis, SS, Georgia 6010 230 4.65
    Diamond Ferri, SS, Syracuse 5101 223 4.56
    Jason Harmon, SS, Michigan State 5114 209 4.63
    Andre Maddox, SS, North Carolina State 6005 205 17 4.47
    Donte Nicholson, SS, Oklahoma 6004 212 18

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    Re: some recent combine results

    The final day of activities provided fireworks. Texas OLB Derrick Johnson was the "real deal" with one of the most impressive linebacker workouts in years, including a 4.54 in the 40-yard dash.
    This guy is a monster. He has a Grant Wistrom motor with two more cylinders.

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    Re: some recent combine results

    Yeah, I'd take him. He's going to be a perrenial Pro-Bowler in a few years.

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    Somebody explain me why Thomas Davis to LB

    I just read how this guy says Thomas Davis must move to LB now at 230 with 4.61 forty, yet Browner the CB ran 4.62 and Jackson ran 4.6. Maybe he was stiff in the workout?


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