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    Re: Someone help me make sense of the Dorsey pick

    Well, I've made my annual BRIEF appearance in this forum and now I'm making my QUICK departure till after the paint drying, grass growing, paint by numbers documentary that is called the NFL Draft is over.

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    Re: Someone help me make sense of the Dorsey pick

    right now it is the quiet before the storm of the thing that is the NFL Draft

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    Re: Someone help me make sense of the Dorsey pick

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Look, I think Dorsey is an excellent prospect. I think he's right up there with Ellis as the two best DTs in this class, a Top Five player on my big board. I think in a Tampa 2 scheme where he's allowed to really take advantage of that quick initial burst, he could be a killer.
    Exactly. He's described as the second coming of Warren Sapp, and Warren Sapp was at his most productive in the Tampa 2 defense...surprisingly in Tampa Bay

    And even then, he probably only has one more season left, which is part of the reason why DE is such a significant need. Yes, it's a need because we need to improve our pass rush, and drafting Dorsey would help that issue. But drafting Dorsey does nothing to address the fact that we have two 30-something starting defensive ends and no young pass rusher behind either. We need a future starter at defensive end - we're going to have to address it sometime. We can either kill two birds (help w/ pass rush & youth @ DE) with one stone and spend a pick on a DE, or we can kill one bird (help w/ pass rush) with a pick at DT and still have to spend a pick at DE to find a future starter.
    Bingo. In my mind this is the driving argument behind the push for a DE at number 2, be it Long or Gholston (pending combine). Really, there's enough depth in this OT class that should allow us to get a late first round talent at OT in round two. If Long is gone, and we can't find a trade parter, I think it's still viable to invest in Jake Long.

    Jake Long and say a DE like Ellis in round 2 is still a viable first two rounds, I'd just prefer it, if by some stroke of luck, it occurred the other way.
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