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    SportsOutlaw Mock Draft - good info, if not choices

    1) Houston Texans

    Reggie Bush
    Running back - USC

    There is still a strong possibility that a draft trade will be made here, but assuming that doesn't happen the Texans will most likely take Reggie Bush with the #1 overall pick. They could still work a trade after the pick if a player like D'Brickashaw Ferguson were to fall to #4 or below.
    Height - 6'0"
    Weight - 210
    40 time - 4.42

    2) New Orleans Saints

    Mario Williams
    Defensive End - North Carolina St.

    Williams is drawing a lot of interest from several NFL teams, and it appears that with the signing of Drew Brees, the Saints are now beginning to target the big defensive end out of N.C. State. Williams would provide instant improvement to the Saints defensive line and could very easily see sack totals of over 10 in his rookie campaign.
    It is still possible that the saints may trade down with this pick. Another player to consider here is offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson

    Height - 6'6"
    Weight - 289
    40 Time - 4.93

    3) Tennessee Titans

    Matt Leinart
    Quarterback - USC

    Barring anymore major moves by the Titans in free agency, this looks like the pick they will be after. Leinart is a Quarterback that is ready for an immediate transition into the NFL as a starter, but it wont be happening in 2006, at least not in Tennessee. In this situation, Leinart carries the clipboard this year and starts in 2007.

    If Leinart is not available, expect Vince Young to move into this slot
    Height - 6'5"
    Weight - 225
    40 time - 4.90

    New York

    Jay Cutler
    Quarterback - Vanderbilt

    With all of the rumors flying around, it is beginning to look more and more like the Jets will be drafting Vanderbilt Quarterback Jay Cutler. I cant say that I would make this decision, but given the information and rumors available, it appears the Jets are fully prepared to take this risk.
    Height- 6'3"
    Weight- 222
    40 time- 4.82

    Green Bay

    A.J. Hawk
    Outside Linebacker - Ohio St.

    The Packers will be looking to beef up the front 7 early in the draft and barring any surprises in the top 4, Hawk will fall right in their lap. A.J. Hawk is a guy that constantly appears to be in two places at once, and one of those places will always be where the ball is.

    Mario Williams is a possibility here.
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 240

    San Francisco

    Michael Huff
    Strong Safety - Texas

    Huff just keeps sliding up this mock draft every time we update it. I think this is where he stops though. The ***** get an outstanding playmaker on defense with this pick. He can hit like Roy Williams, but unlike Williams, he is a much better tackler.
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 198
    40 time - 4.53


    Vince Young
    Quarterback - Texas

    The Raiders have much larger concerns that need to be addressed, but this appears to be the direction Al Davis is considering. With Young really needing another year of development, we may see the Raiders trying to trade up for Leinart. Another possibility will be Cutler if the Jets choose to go another route.
    Height - 6'5"
    Weight - 233
    40 Time - 4.45


    D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    Offensive Tackle - Virginia

    Ferguson is regarded as one of the best offensive linemen to enter the NFL since Orlando Pace. The Buffalo Bills may have the worst offensive line in the NFL, and letting Mike Williams go shows that they will most likely be focusing on rebuilding the line. If Ferguson is available here, I just cant see the Bills passing on him.
    Height - 6'5"
    Weight - 298
    40 Time - 5.26


    Jimmy Williams
    Safety / Cornerback - Virginia Tech

    Look for the Lions to address the secondary with this pick. Jimmy Williams has the ability to player safety or corner in the NFL and should do an outstanding job at either position. The addition of Williams will have an immediate positive impact on the Lions Defense.

    Height - 6'3"
    Weight - 216
    40 time - 4.47


    Marcus Mcneil
    Offensive Tackle - Auburn

    The Cardinals got the feature running back they have been pursuing for several years now. They also have an outstanding corps of receivers. Now they need to solidify that offensive line so they can take advantage of the offensive weapons they have.
    Height - 6'8"
    Weight - 335
    40 Time - 5.05

    ***Rumor*** - It is becoming very likely that the Jets may be moving up into this position via trade with the intentions of selecting Matt Leinart. Should this happen, we would expect some top picks to change, including Vince Yount to the Titans at #3 (who appear to be set to release McNair), D'Brickashaw Ferguson at #4 to the Saints, then this leave the Packers the choice of A.J. Hawk or Mario Williams

    St. Louis

    Vernon Davis
    Tight End - Maryland

    Has anybody's draft value risen as quickly as Vernon Davis? After being looked at as a mid to late first round pick, Davis amazed everyone at the NFL Combine and now has most of teams in the top half of this draft considering him. Look for the Rams to develop more of a ball control offense this year. Being able to draft the best Tight End in this draft class would be a solid step in the right direction.
    Height - 6'3"
    Weight - 252
    40 Time - 4.48


    Haloti Ngata
    Defensive Tackle - Oregon

    One of the key needs for the Browns is the ability to stop the run. Ngata has an amazing blend of size, speed, and strength. He should provide great run stopping ability in the NFL wherever he ends up.
    Height - 6'4"
    Weight- 336
    40 time - 5.02


    Mathias Kiwanuka
    Defensive End - Boston College

    Now that the Ravens have resigned Jamal Lewis and signed free agent Mike Anderson, there is no need to take a runningback here. Kiwanuka is a fierce defensive end who will make a great living terrorizing Quarterbacks in the NFL. This guy very likely could be a top 10 pick, but with the latest free agent movement it is very likely that the Ravens end up with and outstanding defensive end.
    Height - 6'6"
    Weight - 260
    40 Time - 4.69


    Brodrick Bunkley
    Defensive Tackle - Florida State

    At first thought, you think the Eagles are going to immediately address the wide receiving corps, but it appears they are more concerned with stopping the run. Bunkley made a very impressive showing at the combine and no doubt caught the eye of the Philadelpha Eagles coaching staff.
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 300
    40 Time - 5.05


    Chad Jackson
    Wide Receiver - Florida

    The Broncos come into this offseason looking to eventually replace Rod Smith, and beef up the defensive line. Many rumors are circulating that the Broncos are very high on Chad Jackson, and that they made their recent trade with the plan of targeting Jackson with this pick.
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 205
    40 time - 4.45



    Tye Hill
    Cornerback - Clemson

    There are many directions the Dolphins could go at this pick. Addressing the secondary, most notably the cornerback position may be the best idea. Hill is a little undersized compared to most corners at the NFL level, but possesses outstanding speed and coverage ability to more than make up for it.
    Height - 5'9"
    Weight - 182
    40 Time - 4.33


    Ernie Sims
    Outside Linebacker - Florida State

    I was originally thinking running back here, but adding Taylor to the mix allows the Vikings to address the defense with this pick. Ernie Sims, previously not listed in this mock would be a perfect fit for the Vikings as they move to a cover 2. Chad Greenway would be another option here if he falls past Miami.
    Height - 6'0"
    Weight - 228
    40 time - 4.49


    Winston Justice
    Offensive Tackle - USC

    I previously projected Santonio Holmes at this spot, but with the signing of Terrell Owens, the focus of the draft in the first round should now shift to the offensive line for the Cowboys.
    Height - 6'6"
    Weight - 300
    40 time - 5.16

    San Diego

    Pat Watkins
    Free Safety - Florida State

    Pat Watkins could be just what the Chargers need to balance out their defense. San Diego was vulnerable against the pass, and this 6'4" free safety will do well patrolling the secondary.
    Height - 6'4"
    Weight - 202
    40 time - 4.50

    Kansas City

    Santonio Holmes
    Wide Receiver - Ohio State

    I expect the Chiefs to draft Santonio Holmes if available. And upgrade at this position is a need, and the talent level in this draft makes a sharp drop after Holmes at this position. If Holmes is not available, the Chiefs may look for the best available cornerback.
    Height - 5'11"
    Weight - 190
    40 time - 4.36

    New England

    Abdul Hodge
    Inside Linebacker - Iowa

    Hodge receiving much recognition after this season by the coaches and the players of the Big 10, and also received 2nd team all american status. Perceived as the best inside linebacker coming out of the draft, Hodge would provide as a solid anchor for the Patriots linebacking corps.
    Height - 6'1"
    Weight - 235
    40 Time - 4.67

    *from Washington

    Tamba Hali
    Defensive End - Penn State

    There are rumors circulating regarding a trade between the Broncos and the Jets to acquire John Abraham. Assuming this doesn't happen, look for the Broncos to address the defensive end position with this pick and select Tamba Hali.
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 267
    40 Time - 4.75

    Tampa Bay

    Chad Greenway
    Linebacker - Iowa

    Tampa Bay would be getting a potential steal here if Greenway is available, and can prove that his lackluster performance at the combine was merely a fluke. Some doubt was raised about his ability to shed blocks at the NFL level, but it is not out of the ordinary for good players to struggle during the combine. Greenway would be a very good fit in the Buccaneers cover-two scheme.
    Height - 6'3"
    Weight- 242
    40 time - 4.55


    Rodrique Wright
    Defensive Tackle - Texas

    This one is easy. The Bengals will be looking to add to their defense first this year, and Rodrique Wright will provide outstanding run stopping ability.

    Another possibility - Leonard Pope
    Height - 6'5"
    Weight - 308
    40 time - 5.02

    New York

    Jonathan Scott
    Offensive Tackle - Texas

    Scott is an outstanding offensive tackle who seems to get better every game that he plays. The Giants will be looking to provide better protection for Manning, as well as less penalties on the offensive line.
    Height - 6'6"
    Weight - 310
    40 time - 5.28


    Leonard Pope
    Tight End - Georgia

    Pope has nice receiving skills, and even more importantly, very good blocking technique. Both of these skills will be a very welcomed addition from the tight end position in Chicago
    Height - 6'7"
    Weight - 250
    40 Time - 4.75


    DeAngelo Williams
    Running Back - Memphis

    I dont know that Deangelo Williams will indeed fall this far, but if he does it only makes sense to the Panthers to take him. Davis is gone. The Panthers resigned Foster they cannot feel safe with him as their future running back when you look at his injury risk. DeAngelo can step right into this offense and immediately become a threat to take it the distance on every play. In most years, Williams would be a no-brainer top 10 pick, and still may end up there.
    Height - 5'9"
    Weight - 217
    40 time - 4.49


    Alan Zemaitis
    Cornerback - Penn State

    Not the fastest cornerback on the market, but he is far from slow. Zemaitis probably has the best ball reaction skills of any cornerback in this year's draft.
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 205
    40 time - 4.52

    New York

    Bobby Carpenter
    Outside Linebacker - Ohio State

    Carpenter is a perfect fit in the 3-4. He brings a very strong pass rush and is also very capable when dropping back into pass coverage. If he is available down here, I couldn't think of a better fit for The Jets and their new 3-4 defense.
    Height - 6'3"
    Weight - 245
    40 time - 4.60


    Laurence Maroney
    Running back

    The Colts pick at #30 is obvious. It will no doubt be a running back. In fact, they could even move up if necessary to get the running back they want. Look for the Colts to hold firm at #30 and select Maroney if he is available here. If running backs begin to go early, they could very well move up in order to secure either Maroney or DeAngelo Williams
    Height - 5'11"
    Weight - 205
    40 time - 4.50



    Gabe Watson
    Defensive Tackle - Michigan

    Watson is a powerful, run stopping big man who shows alot of athletic ability for his size. He is looking for a good performance in the Senior Bowl to possibly raise his stock even further.
    Height - 6-2"
    Weight - 330
    40 time - 5.10


    Joseph Addai
    Running Back - LSU

    Everybody loves Fast Willie Parker, but Parker has not shown that he will be able to be the running back of the future. With Bettis gone, the Steelers must look for their future back and Addai is a prospect that looks to be able to fill that role well.

    Height - 5'11"
    Weight - 210
    40 Time - 4.42

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