When you talk about the spread, most people talk about how it hurts a QBs transition to a pro system. That is true, but IMO it hurts defensive lineman just as much. Look at teams like Missouri and Texas Tech. who play with huge splits (space between lineman). Coming to the NFL you are most definately not going to see that. Both McCoy and Suh have taken advantage of this since almost all Big 12 teams. More concerning to me with McCoy because he did not dominate these guys as much as Suh did. In College especially against spread teams they are looking at smaller quicker guys, in the NFL they are looking at bigger stronger guys who are just as quick as those smaller guys. I guess this is a case against McCoy and for Suh. Even though the spread makes it tough to evaluate both the way Suh utterly dominated lower competition and ideal circumstances where McCoy was just Ok is disappointing. Suh literally quadrupled McCoys production against Texas. IMO if your going to play against those teams you better dominate