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Thread: St. Louis Rams: Best and worst draft picks (by an idiot)

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    Re: St. Louis Rams: Best and worst draft picks (by an idiot)

    Quote Originally Posted by THOLTFAN81 View Post
    Did this tool really just say this? Robert Griffin has played ONE full season and will be entering his second on his twice torn right ACL... Guys have sustained 10+ year careers to earn the designation as "one of the most electric of all time"... To hear this tool (and that is all he is) toss a phrase like that around as if its nothing is comical. How does this guy work for over any of us more knowledgable people?
    It wasn't even one FULL season, and he is questionable for starting next season

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    Re: St. Louis Rams: Best and worst draft picks (by an idiot)

    Rank, adjective, highly offensive or disagreeable, esp in smell or taste.

    Sounds about right.

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    Re: St. Louis Rams: Best and worst draft picks (by an idiot)

    Rank seems to be beyond emotionally whacked! You would assume a writer would have enough intelligence and insight to see a team that he is fans of, needed a change. As the Rams did with their move to St. Lu. Heck they were playing in Anaheim for crying out loud I know I went to a game there to see Elway and the Broncos. Being raised from age 6 or so out in the SFV like Golden John I was always a fan even though the Rams were always my team. For this guy to hold a grudge is redonkulous! Having spent some time in St. Lu I enjoyed it and if a ocean was closer I would consider visiting more often!

    Never have liked the Raiders, even though I went to one game a playoff against the Jets who I always liked I guess cause of Joe Willie, who I saw at the one game in the Colisiem I went to. My ex GF's cousin was shacked up with a coach of the Jets a coordinator or the HC I forget now, and we got free tickets! LoL
    And of course I rooted for the Jets which can be dangerous with all the gangsters being Raiders fans! Always did like some of their players and of course Madden was funny! Seems to me you remain a fan of your team through thick and thin from location to location in the Rams case etc... If you have any loyalty, I was not always a fan of ownership and the front office was a joke a few times through the years... But always a fan of the team! And how can you not love all that is going on now??? I mean Fish, Snead, Dems and Ownership they are all doing a fantastic job of turning the franchise around! Its one of the most exciting times to be a Rams fan and I say this after being one since I was born in 51'~! Or at least since I could remember as my dad raised me to be one... You have to say someone like this Rank Character was not raised properly! So sorry I do tend to run on sentences and thoughts at times...
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