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    garver Guest

    Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    I know it really doesn't matter but I was just curious about this. What if Bradford, Stafford, and Sanchez all were in same draft, would people consider Bradford in this class? I know it might be hard to compare but I would just like to get an idea. Would some say Bradford is better choice than the other two, would some say he isn't even in same class, or would he be right there with the other two? On a side note I'm one of a few that probably think that Sanchez is over rated.

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    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    Bradford was ranked highed then both last year.

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    garver Guest

    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    thnx, that is very encouraging.

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    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
    Bradford was ranked highed then both last year.
    In some rankings, probably. In others, probably not.

    Since any ranking that included Bradford represented a very early stage in the draft offseason process, I don't think you can really lean on them as part of this discussion. Remember, in January of this year, it was a lock that the Rams would take Ndamukong Suh. A lot can happen between January and April in terms of who gets drafted where.

    Personally, I have a hard time believing that a redshirt sophomore with two years in a Big XII spread offense would have gotten drafted ahead of a junior who displayed elite arm strength while playing pro-style football for three years in the SEC. Sanchez, IMO, would have finished third in that race.

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    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    Basically i think it would come down to witch one of Stafford or Bradford fits the team better. Stafford has a cannon arm, where Bradford is a more accurate passer. For us, having a more accurate passer is more important than a cannon armed QB

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    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    I didn't follow Stafford much, but Sanchez is tough to rank. Even now. He had very little experience in college. Some people had him very high, higher than Stafford, most didn't. The Jets FO worked him out and fell in love. He seems to fit what they are trying to do, but it's still a very small sample size.

    As for whether Sanchez is overrated, I guess that depends on how you think he is rated. I'm very happy with him, but I don't think he's shown too much yet. What he does he does well, he seems smart and seems to learn from his mistakes. OTOH, he's running a limited, run first offense. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene can't catch a cold, they lost Leon Washington and Chansi Stuckey mid-season and added Braylon Edwards. We'll see how he looks this year with more options (Braylon with a full camp, Leon back, Santonio Holmes and LT) to catch the ball.

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