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Thread: Study: Comparison of Rams Drafts to Seattle and San Francisco Since 2007

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    Study: Comparison of Rams Drafts to Seattle and San Francisco Since 2007

    In looking at how the teams in the NFL's weakest division hve seen their fortunes rise or fall over the last seven years, as they all tried to rebuild in what was then the NFLs worst division, that remained so till 2012, with highly respected head coaches at the helm.

    The Rams are a bit late to the party, thanks to the Spags regime mostly, and after almost a total reboot, are going to a youth movement, helped by numerous high draft picks and a few younger free agents.

    I took a look at the way Seattle and the Niners went about getting so good, and the imediate result of that effort is that neither has done it the same way, not even close.

    You notice I leave out the Cardinals, because they are an old team, bolstered by some quite old veterans, and likely to fall down to the mediocre pack in the next year or two, and especially if Palmer is hurt or retires.

    Seattle rebuilt their team with lots of late draft picks and unsigned guys that Pete Carroll just saw somet hing in, along with some top free agents, as they have lots of money to spend out there every year it seems. They made trades, like the one that brought Marshawn lynch to Seattle with lots of juice left.

    They got lucky on a third round QB just when their big free agent QB signing, Matt Flynn, busted out.

    In many ways, they are much like the 1999 Rams, with a previously unknown QB, a star RB they somehow got for a low price in their prime, a #1 pick at RT, and lots of contributions from low draft picks and unknown free agents, like London Fletcher was .

    Seattle only had 17 picks in the first three rounds since 2007, and they spread them throughout the roster, with no more than t hree at any position, and three at only one, DT.

    At least one pick at each position has been made in the top three rounds.

    In contrast, the Niners have used the model the Rams are now employing, going with youth, and trading for multiple high picks. Since 2007, the Niners have had 23 picks in the top three rounds, 6 more than Seattle, and even more, the Niners have had even a bigger disparity in first and second rounders than Seattle.

    Amazingly, considering how good theirs are, the Niners have not drafted a cornerback in the top t hree rounds the last seven drafts. However, they did draft four safeties there, the most of any position.

    They also took three defensive ends, if you count Aldon Smith there, and FIVE offensive linemen, two tackles, and three interior linemen. In addition they have taken three wide receivers, two in round one.

    The Rams have had 26 picks in the top three rounds since 2007, making it even more astounding that they have not goten considerably better.

    More amazing is that the two positions they absolutely overloaded with high picks, are still twp percieved weaknesses.

    The Rams have drafted FIVE cornerbacks in the top three rounds, and FIVE receivers there since 2007, and here we are with fans hoping they go to those wells again this year.

    The Rams also have drafted four defensive tackles early over that time, and again are still looking for one very high this year.

    Now, here is my final point on t he biggest difference between these teams draft philosophy, team building philosophy even.

    Since 2007, Seattle drafted 3 offensive linemen, two in round one. The Niners drafted FIVE, including three first rounders and a second rounder.

    In seven years, with all those high picks, the Rams have drafted THREE offensive linemen, one in each round from one to three.

    That ignoring of that much needed position has caused them to over spend tens of millions
    on Dahl, Wells, and Long recently.

    Seattle got their center in round two, their LT in round one one in round seven, and their other two as young free agents. They also drafted another tackle James Carpenter, who busted out thus far.

    The Niners got their All Pro LT and also their RT in round one, One guard in round one, one guard as a rookie free agent, and the veteran center as a free agent.

    If the Rams continue to ignore the offensive line, as they did under Mike Martz, Linehan and Spags, they will continue to struggle offensively.

    Since few late round offensive linemen have the ability to become stars, especially at tackle, a team wanting to emulate the Niners in their drafting MUST concentrate early, and OFTEN, on that boring, draft wise but key position, at least till they have LONG term answers in place.

    That's the beauty of really solidifying that line first in a re-build. Those guys might play 15 years, giving the team lots of time to add so called "skill" players.

    When they do, the QB will have TIME to find them.
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    Re: Study: Comparison of Rams Drafts to Seattle and San Francisco Since 2007

    How about if we not hold Devaney's drafts against Snead.

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