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Thread: Suh and Mccoy

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    Suh and Mccoy

    Are there any clan members who would rather take Mccoy over Suh. Im in the Bradford camp myself, but IF we swing a deal for a vet QB (a whole other thread) and are sitting there with the number one pick and the 2 DTs are there which would you take, or which have you read we are most interested in.

    I read that Spags had dinner with Mccoy and his family (not sure where I read that), and Spags really likes him.

    I havent read any such situation with Suh. I have read that Suh is a VERY serious guy and is dedicated to becoming a great football player, not that Mccoy isnt, just that Suh is noticeably so.

    The only argument Ive heard that raises Mccoy over Suh is the scheme they played in, Mccoy was attacking the gap, where as Suh was a read and react guy. Is that to say Suh cant attack the gap or Mccoy cant beat the double team IDK.

    I was hoping maybe one of you guys who are more informed than I, could shed some light on this for me. At seasons end it seemed that Suh was a lock at #1 but now, without any more games being played, compareable numbers at the combine, except of course the bench, Mccoy has somehow moved into the conversation.

    To me, that 23 reps that Mccoy put up truely shows his lack of weight room dedication, and is a GLARING weakness. Suh AS FAR AS I KNOW has no GLARING weakness.(maybe one of you guys help me out here)

    Id like to know what you guys think about it and as you can tell Im a Suh guy when talking about DTs.

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Suh and Mccoy

    I would never take Mccoy over Suh...... Suh is better in EVERY way (except for maybe cracking a joke here and there in press conferences...) his stats ARE better, the only "argument" people had for Mccoy over Suh was of Mccoys speed... and guess who went a faster 40... you guessed it Suh.


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