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    Re: Suh Not the No. 1 Pick?

    I heard that the Colts were planning to offer Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney and their first round pick to the Rams for the first pick in the draft. When did I hear it? One minute ago. From whom? From me (I sometimes talk to myself).

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    Re: Suh Not the No. 1 Pick?

    I understand and agree with the criticism of insiders and reporters who are trying to create some smoke around what the Rams may be interested in. I don't care what rumors are swirling. There were rumors the Rams would trade Steven Jackson as well, created by fans and highlighted by local media, but Billy Devaney was quick to shoot that down. So I don't put much weight in "rumors" this early in the process.

    That being said, I think a first round quarterback is a real possibility for this team, and I wouldn't write off that possibility strictly because of rumors like these. People are speculating that the Rams will draft a QB first overall because the Rams need a QB of the future, and while I'm not yet convinced either of these two quarterbacks represent similar value as Suh, the Rams may feel differently, especially after the evaluation process.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buccaneers View Post
    I'm wondering what you guys think of this idea...

    Assuming that the Rams decide to take a QB instead of Suh.

    The Bucs trade the 3rd overall pick and the 35th overall pick for the #1 overall pick.

    Seeing as how the Bucs and Lions both have their QBs of the future, Clausen will be sitting at #3 for the Rams to take.

    The Rams end up with their QB and a second rounder, and Suh wears pewter next season.
    Tampa makes a lot of sense as a trade partner, but I think it would take more than just a second rounder, to be honest.

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    Would Detroit give up their 2nd Round pick to swap with the Rams for the Number 1 pick in the draft?

    I'd do it.
    If I'm Detroit, I'd keep my second round pick and take Gerald McCoy @ #2.

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    Re: Suh Not the No. 1 Pick?

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    Let's talk about "rumors," shall we?

    There are only 5 people who possess real "inside information" regarding who the Rams might take. They are: Bill Devaney, Steve Spagnuolo, Kevin Demoff, Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez.

    Now, do you think that:

    1. Any of these five people have decided who to take, and if so

    2. They are talking about it in public?

    Obviously the answer to both questions is "no."

    So... and let me be clear...

    AV don't yell at me! I'm just the messenger boy!!!!!

    I agree with you, I just am anxious to get to the free agent signings/NFL draft. And even though I know better, I still get freaked out thinking we'll screw an opportunity like this up.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Suh Not the No. 1 Pick?

    Quote Originally Posted by Varg6 View Post
    And even though I know better, I still get freaked out thinking we'll screw an opportunity like this up.
    I know the feeling, but Jay and Ziggy are history. Sure we need a QB, but we also have lots of other needs. If DeSpags view Suh as a once in a decade talent, I don't think there's much doubt he'll be wearing horns. Perhaps more intriguing is whether the Rams will opt to begin negotiations with him early, or wait till the last moment to hear all offers. Maybe they can do both .. It seems obvious that if Suh's the guy they want, it would be foolish not to have him signed early and eliminate any possibility of missing even a few hours of camp.

    As far as "rumors" go, this is the time of year they flourish. Even if a so called "insider" really gets a whiff from within Rams Park, who's to know whether that "whiff" is just a well delivered smoke screen or not? Prevarication will be in abundance throughout the league in the next few months ..

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