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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    If Detroit goes OT (Jason from Baylor), maybe we should think about taking the Best QB in the Draft - Stafford from Georgia. Stafford scored off the charts on the Wonderlic and we may not be in this position for some time.

    Of course, Stafford would sit this year.

    The Number 2 slot in the whole draft makes hard to take the second player at that position. In other words, if we can't get the Best OT - look to another position.

    I think we look away from OT in that first pick if Detroit takes the Baylor OT (Jason S.)

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    Re: Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    whilst i kind of agree that picking 2nd overall means we should be able to pick up the best prospect at a position rather than picking the "second best"....
    i personally think that Monroe is better than Jason Smith at this point and although i can see the upside in Smith and he may have an higher ceiling but theres some serious question marks about J.S ever reaching his undoubted potential and id rate Monroe above him...maybe in 3 years time it will be Smith who is the greater LT but thats too big a maybe..

    my point...well them picking Jason Smith 1st overall just means they picking the wrong dude. imho

    personally,im still blazing on the Curry bandwagon but thats another thread altogether...

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    Re: Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    Alex Smith scored a 40 on the wonderlic, wonder how that is working out for him.

    Different teams rank different players differently, Detroit may have Smith ranked as their number 1 tackle, but we may have Monroe ranked that high. Even if we have Smith a little ahead of Monroe, the gap would be small enough to take him because OT is still a huge need

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    Re: Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    Unless we're going to have Stafford play OT or WR or LB, no way. Not only is that tying too much money in one position, it's strengthening a position that is dependent upon the people in front of him, which, now that we didn't beef them up, is still missing one to two starting quality players, which then leads to injuries, bad field position, and losses. No thanks.

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    zingers16 Guest

    Re: Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    I think people need to stop posting topics about taking Stafford. WE ARE NOT TAKING HIM and it is NOT A GOOD IDEA with are needs.

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    Re: Take Georgia QB Stafford ?

    Wow another draft a QB thread... pointless

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