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That would definitely stock pile a lot of young talent on the defense and with proper coaching that unit would be a force for years to come.

I like what I see from Moses a lot, he's somebody that could be taken there and work his way into starting at RT and stick around in the NFL for a long time. Love that you added two guards, one to step in and start right away and one to develop for a year or two and provide depth. For too long with the Rams our depth has been older players with problems and injury histories, instead of younger players with problems

As mentioned the Nix injury will put a big question mark on his status but there are other DT options in the first.

I seriously think one of our 1st rounders will be traded down.

Also I think I would swap the picks you have for a RB and QB. I'd rather address the QB earlier with somebody who's more to Fishers offense style and more ready to step in and play. Say McCarran or Murray. I don't think Fisher will draft a dual threat type QB he see's them as injury and turnover threats.
Glad you like most of it.

I see your point of view with the QB and RB, Keeton was going to be a 3rd rounder IMO before he got hurt, like Murray, so its basically getting a earlier round QB later. So i allowed myself to move up and grab a RB in the 4th.

I'd have no problem taking Murray if he is a late round/UDFA.

Thanks for the feedback man