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    Tampering season starts with Mike Sims Walker

    Per PFT:

    According to one Florida writer, the Rams and Texans have already contacted prospective free agent Mike Sims-Walker to signal their interest in him.

    The only problem? Sims-Walker isnít a free agent yet and any contact with him or his agent by other teams clearly violates tampering rules.

    Charlie Bernstein, who writes for, passed along the info via a source on Sims-Walker. It sounds like the type of report that originates with a player or agent hoping to stir up interest.

    In this case, the news may only stir up questions as to why St. Louis and Houston are talking to Sims-Walker before they are allowed.
    Im actually quite intrigued by Sims-Walker.

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    Re: Tampering season starts with Mike Sims Walker

    I hope its true, for nothing else. It shows a desire to improve our team and should stop people insinuating about Kroenke's motives. I hope we get in no trouble over this, though?

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    Re: Tampering season starts with Mike Sims Walker

    Tamper first, ask questions later.

    Just found this from Rotoworld:

    Fantasy Football Breaking News

    Mike Sims-Walker: Texans won't be interested in Sims-Walker?
    Mike Sims-Walker - WR - JAC - Mar. 9 - 8:40 am et

    Contrary to a Tuesday report from, the Houston Chronicle's John McClain insists the Texans "will have no interest" in free agent Mike Sims-Walker.

    Sims-Walker's agent, Kennard McGuire, also represents Jacoby Jones, and the Texans want to bring Jones back instead. Any major moves the Texans make in free agency are expected to go toward fixing the league's 30th-ranked defense. McClain's comments call into question the accuracy of the original report that the Texans and Rams had already contacted Sims-Walker. Mar. 9 - 8:40 am et

    Source: John McClain on Twitter

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