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    Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    I know several people would like to have a good backup RB (Bush, Sproles, etc.) to Jackson and possibly a proven veteran WR like Sidney Rice. But IMO we have a good starting RB and several pass catching options between new WR's and TE's. I dont see any backup RB's that would be the long term replacement for Jackson either. Sproles is only 5'6 and 28 years old he isn't any younger then Jackson. IMO with improved improved TE's, WR's and OL we would be better at RB and a backup like Darby who has a career average of 4.4 yards per carry would be sufficent for the number of plays needed at backup for at least another year. Next year Jackson turns 29 and we could start looking for an eventual succesor to Jackson who could share the carries with him for a couple or three years before taking over. Our biggest improvement this year could be up front with improved DT and OG play and one more good OLB.

    These three players might be a bit pricey but they are all within possibility and salary.

    OG- Davin Joseph 6'3 315 27 (Good run and pass blocker)
    DT- Barry Cofield 6'4 310 27 (Stout and good tackler)
    OLB- Manny Lawson 6'5 240 26 (Good in coverage)

    New OL:
    LT- Rodger Saffold 6'5 315 23
    LG- Jacob Bell 6'4 300 28, John Greco 6'4 315 26
    C- Jason Brown 6'3 320 28
    RG- Davin Joseph 6'3 315 27 Replaces Goldilocks 31
    RT- Jason Smith 6'5 305 25

    New DL:
    DE- Chris Long 6'3 265 26
    DT- Fred Robbins 6'4 325 34
    DT- Barry Cofield 6'4 310 27 Replaces Gibson 29
    DE- Robert Quinn 6'4 270 21, James Hall 6'2 280 34

    New LB's:
    SLB- Na'il Diggs 6'4 240 33
    MLB- James Laurinatis 6'2 245 25
    WLB- Manny Lawson 6'5 240 26 replaces rotation of no names

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    Re: Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    Everything you said in your thread is sweet music to my ears. I agree 100%. Those are the players I've been raving about in my post's. I have "G" Blalock on the list also. I don't think Atlanta can sign both Dahl & Blalock this off season. Joseph & Blalock are both good proven players.

    The Rams far as I'm concerned don't have a Qaulity backup to Fred Robbins. I thought Clifton Ryan was getting better each year, but don't know if he wants to play for the Rams or The (IR) headaches are serius enough to miss the whole season. He is a free agent again.
    Lawson will secure the LB core and covers the backfield real well. The NFL is more a passing league now.

    Pick up a RB with some of the undrafted free agents or wait and pick up a RB that gets cut from camp. To many RB's came out this year.
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    Re: Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    I like these Free Agent signings. Although finding a potential replacement for Steven Jackson is important it can be delayed by a year with the signing of Davin Joseph. In McDaniels pass favoring system, and an improved offensive line, SJ can be a productive running back for a couple of more years easily. I like the Manny Lawson signing because of his good coverage skills. With Cofield on board and Diggs healthy the run defense should be improved with a LB that can play the pass well. Only thing I would chang is having Hall start the year and work Quinn in slowly. He has been out of football for a year and needs to learn the game from a veteran and an up and coming star.

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    Re: Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    I agree with you 100% SB99. I do not want us too go into the season with the same O-Line as last season.
    I do not think the help we got at receiver for Sam will impact the running game this early on, or at all.?
    Id like us to get 2 new guards, a wish that will never be granted because of Bell's contract.
    I hope we go this direction the minute free agency opens. Id like Cofield as a Ram without a doubt.

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    Re: Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    Running back is the easiest position to plug and play... we just haven't been able to find one that works yet, mainly because we don't have a great line for run blocking and our pass offense wasn't scary. Now with Sam being more experienced and with a good guard addition, not to mention a large amount of good veterans who will probably be available as free agents, we should be able to get a backup to Jackson on the cheap while using whatever big money that we want to spend on the positions listed above, and the OP picked 3 out of the 4 critical positions that I think we still need, safety being the one left out. Of course, if Spags is comfortable with any level on our defense, I'll trust him, but I think we have a hole on each.

    With news of both sides talking today, we might just see what our free agency plan is soon after all!
    I believe!

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    Re: Target Improving the Fronts in Free Agency

    Get Barry Cofield please, I want to see him do this after making a sack.

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