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    Team Salary Cap numbers

    The new agreement looks like a $120 million cap for 2011. I found the following salary caps per team. I am not sure they are 100% accurate but likely close.

    Looking at 2011 salary-cap figures

    By Pat Yasinskas

    I just reached into the NFC South mailbag to start reading the post-Super Bowl notes. Iíll come back with some hot spots later this afternoon, but one note caught my attention because itís worthy of an individual post.

    Jonathan in Pleasant Grove, Utah, referred back to my Jan. 13 post in which I listed what each team has committed to the 2011 salary cap. He asked if I could provide numbers for the entire league. Iíll do that in a minute, but let me just clarify a couple of things. First off, some of the NFC South numbers are a bit different than they were Jan. 13 because teams have signed players to futures contracts.

    As you all know, thereís a lot of uncertainty about the labor situation for 2011. These numbers donít include what restricted free agents, exclusive-rights free agents or franchise players would count toward the cap because we donít know that -- and wonít until there is a labor agreement in place. And, although we know there will be a 2011 draft no matter what, these numbers donít include rookie salaries. The numbers below are only for players currently under contract for the 2011 season.

    Also, we wonít know what the 2011 salary cap for all teams will be until thereís a deal in place. For reference, the salary cap in 2009, the last capped year was right about $130 million.
    • Arizona $83 million
    • Atlanta $102.1 million
    • Baltimore $101.3 million
    • Buffalo $96.4 million
    • Carolina $73 million
    • Chicago $104.9 million
    • Cincinnati $90.7 million
    • Cleveland $99.2 million
    • Dallas $136.6 million
    • Denver $125 million
    • Detroit $113.8 million
    • Green Bay $129.8 million
    • Houston $118.4 million
    • Indianapolis $115.5 million
    • Jacksonville $78.1 million
    • Kansas City $74.7 million
    • Miami $103.1 million
    • Minnesota $108.4 million
    • New England $102.3 million
    • New Orleans $105.2 million
    • New York Giants $126.3 million
    • New York Jets $128.5 million
    • Oakland $85.8 million
    • Philadelphia $80.8 million
    • Pittsburgh $116 million
    • San Diego $85.8 million
    • San Francisco $100.9 million
    • Seattle $81.1 million
    • St. Louis $102.4 million
    • Tampa Bay $59.7 million
    • Tennessee $107.4 million
    • Washington $115.2 million

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    Re: Team Salary Cap numbers

    Some teams that are over the cap may not resign some of their free agents. Here is a look at a few free good free agents on teams that are over the cap.

    New York Jets $128.5 million
    WR-Santonio Holmes
    WR-Braylon Edwards
    CB-Antonio Cromartie

    New York Giants $126.3 million
    RB-Ahmad Bradshaw
    DT-Barry Coefiled

    Denver $125 million
    CB-Champ Bailey

    Green Bay $129.8 million
    S-Atari Bigby

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    Re: Team Salary Cap numbers

    I count A LOT of teams with A LOT of money to spend. Could see the price of free agents really inflated. On the other hand, with a short time to sign them, some may not want to shop around and might just take the first good offer then get. Should be interesting to see.

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