Texans won't trade up to take QB Quinn
Team looking to add draft picks, not get rid of them
March 10, 2007, 8:11PM

For the second consecutive week, there has been a report that the Texans might be trying to move up in the draft to select quarterback Brady Quinn.

Neither report is true.

As the Chronicle reported last week, the Texans are not expected to pass up Quinn if he is available with the eighth pick, but they haven't tried to move up.

The Texans have denied they are interested in moving up. Executives with five of the teams that draft in front of the Texans said last week they haven't been contacted by general manager Rick Smith or coach Gary Kubiak about the Texans trying to move up in the first round.

Publicly and privately, the Texans insist they are trying to add draft choices, not surrender them.

As the draft draws closer, there will be a lot of reports involving a lot of teams, including the Texans, about moving up or down in the draft. A few might even be true.

The Texans have the same quarterbacks David Carr, Sage Rosenfels and Bradlee Van Pelt as they had at the end of the season.

They made an effort to sign Jeff Garcia and Patrick Ramsey. Why? Garcia would have been the starter with Rosenfels as the backup and, more than likely, a rookie selected in the second or third round.

If they had signed Ramsey, he would have backed up Rosenfels. A rookie would have been the third quarterback.

They wouldn't have signed Garcia to compete with Carr for the starting job and have Rosenfels as the third quarterback. Kubiak kept only two veterans on the roster last season.

They wouldn't have signed Ramsey as the third quarterback behind Carr and Rosenfels.

Even though the Texans never will admit it, both of those scenarios would have played out without Carr.

If the Texans end up with Quinn in the first round or a quarterback in the second or third round, the rookie is going to be developed. A veteran, probably Rosenfels, would start this season.

Rosenfels also is the type of veteran who will work with a rookie and help develop him.

So where does that leave Carr? Still on the trading block, but it takes two to make a trade.

One in 10,000?
Every scout worth his stopwatch will tell you Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson is one of the best prospects in history.

Johnson (6-5, 239) ran a 4.35 at the combine, even though he wore a friend's shoes because he hadn't planned to run at Indianapolis.

Johnson is a first-class act who has great hands, runs every route and makes a lot of yards after the catch. He is the surest thing there is in this draft.

So why wouldn't Oakland, Detroit or Cleveland take him? One might.

The Raiders have been looking for a veteran quarterback. They tried to sign Jeff Garcia. Kansas City has given Trent Green permission to negotiate with any team other than those in the AFC West. The thinking is they don't want Green in Oakland.

If the Raiders get a veteran, would they take JaMarcus Russell and let him develop or pass him up and take Johnson?

Would Matt Millen draft Johnson after the way the Lions bombed out with Charles Rogers and Mike Williams?

Would the Browns select Johnson even though they have so much money tied up in former first-round picks Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr., a tight end?

Peterson in demand
Even though the Texans signed veteran running back Ahman Green last week, if Adrian Peterson falls to the eighth spot, don't expect them to pass him up.

Moves made last week by Detroit and Cleveland could mean those teams will pass up Peterson but don't bet on the Browns not taking him even though they signed Jamal Lewis.

Lewis has lost a lot or the Ravens wouldn't have waived him and made the deal with Buffalo for Willis McGahee. Lewis and Peterson would give the Browns the kind of running game that would take a lot of pressure off their young quarterbacks.

What if the Browns have fallen in love with Brady Quinn, who has said he wants to play for them. Then Peterson might fall.

The Lions, who are expected to take offensive tackle Joe Thomas with the second pick, traded for Tatum Bell and signed T.J. Duckett.

That tells us they are worried about Kevin Jones not being available by the start of the season.