This is absolutely stretching it, but the Rams have multiple connections to free-agent-to-be Marques Colston.

The first one obviously being Gregg Williams, though I don't know if Colston would want to come here on the heels of the scandal because Williams is here, though he would at the least offer a face of familiarity.

The connection no one has mentioned is our GM, Les Snead. Snead has been with Atlanta Colston's whole career, and has seen him in action twice a game. Snead is a talent evaluator, and obviously knows if Colston is a legitimate #1, or if he is just the product of a system.


I am saying IF Snead liked what he saw of Colston during games against Atl, as well as his own research, and Williams gives him so solid recommendations, Colston WILL be a Ram.

Just my two cents.