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    THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    OJ Atogwe

    Obvious re-signing.

    Michael Vick

    Bottomline, whether you love him or hate him we need a QB. One that can win us games, put fans in the seats, and can be a playmaker in more ways then one. Vick can either use his cannon arm to get big gains, or allude pressure by way of run. Our line has killed some of our QBs, Vick would be able to allude this pressure. If Tony Dungy, and Andy Reid give him a good report card to Spags and Devaney- He will be a ram..guaranteed.

    Chester Taylor

    This guy has been very serviceable as APs backup and has played great when called on to start. I think hes one of the best backup RBs in the NFL. Would love to pick him up for a solid contract.

    Lance Moore

    I like Lance alot. He is a good receiver, in a crowded receiving corp. He had a solid 08' campaign, but due to the emergence of Meachem and Henderson after Moore's injury he has slipped down the depth chart. I think he would be a nice addition for us.

    Osi Umenyora for a 4th round and 5th round pick.

    Osi has been great for the G-Men and knows what it is like to win a ring. He thrived in Spags system, but has recently been benched and has argued constantly with Sheridan. I see a very high chance that the Giants shop him if they don't win a Super Bowl, and the first person they will contact is Spags, especially if Leonard Little retires. I think a 4th and 5th, maybe less on draft day will be enough to get him.

    1st round- Ndamukong Suh

    The man is a BEAST period; now I am not going to sit here and put him on a pedestal like some and call him the greatest D-Lineman ever to come out before he even plays a snap in the NFL. However, their is no doubting that he is the best prospect in the draft and has the most potential.
    2nd round- Colt McCoy

    How ironic right? We take the dominator of the big 12 game first, and the person whom he dominated round two. Colt has looked solid and could grow as a backup, and throw him to compete with Null as our backup for next season.
    3rd round-Mardy Gilyard

    Gilyard has speed, and is a guy who has legit #1 reciever possibilities for the Rams. I would love if he fell to us in the 3rd round.
    4th round- (No pick Osi trade)
    5th round- (No pick Osi trade)
    6th round- Brandon Carter

    Good line, adds good depth and could start some day.
    7th round- Kion Wilson

    Good player. Good depth. Would like to see him in horns.


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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    i am not as sure of resigning atogwe as i once was but letting him go would just leave us with another hole to fill.
    i would be very happy with chester taylor.
    i just still cant see the rams signing vick. four pillars aside, i dont think his scrambling makes up for his lack of passing ability.
    the umenyiora trade interests me. he must be starting to age a bit though and i have heard Billy D repeatedly state that 'you build through the draft' so i dont know if they would do it.
    i think i would though could you imagine osi, long and suh on the same line! makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Vick - no.

    Umenyiora - sure... if he is available. I don't know that he is, and that price seems a bit low.

    Nothing wrong with your first three picks.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    First, no to vick.

    But all the other moves seem atleast possible.
    Lance moore is a good receiver, but i dont think we should take one in the draft if we sign one through FA. Chester taylor would be a great backup to jackson, really would solve our backup problem. I dont mind takin McCoy in the second, but if mallet declares and he is there, then we have to reevaluate our options. I also think Osi is struggling in sheridans system amd would like to go back to spags, i see this as very possible.

    Good Mock except for the vick thing.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Moore and Gillyard overkill IMO, especially with the glaring hole at TE. I really don't think the G-Men would give away Osi for so little.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    If it worked out the way you drew it, I would be very happy. I do agree that the WRs are an overkill, since we have a lot of young and upcoming receivers already.We can easily have Giants type receiving corp next year.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Unless something better pops up I'd take Vick, he'd be better than what have or atleast make the position more competitive. I wouldnt give him some crazy contract right off tho.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Good mock THoltfan81. Sorry to pick on Vick too, but whether you're for him signing or against it, the notion that his legs reduce sacks is flawed. He's got a higher sack % per attempt than Bulger, and Vick's had 3 years of sack % in double digits.

    I'd be thrilled to get McCoy in the 2nd. Hopefully someone talented falls to the bottom of the first/top of 2nd.

    I thought i read something about Osi getting benched this season. Was that just my imagination, or are the NYG not happy with his play?

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    No Vick; he'd be a horrible mentor for McCoy. I'm not sure if we should deal two picks for Umenyora either.

    IIRC Carter makes dumb decisions on the field. Like a low-yield Incognito.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Chester Taylor AND Michael Vick?

    I'm just not sure that Devaney will pick up TWO backup RBs in free agency?
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    I love the Brandon Carter pick. And Suh of course.

    Atogwe agreed.
    Osi, yes if we could get him for that...

    But, Mardy Gilyard AND Lance Moore?

    And Chester Taylor AND Michael Vick?

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    people need to give it up with the vick talk...not happening...

    taylor would be a great backup, and i like lance moore but doubt he will be available. unless we trade down and pick berry, i agree that atogwe needs to be re-signed. those picks look good, i like gilyard if we can't pick up a guy like moore due to cba issues. the only issue i would have with this offseason is the weak o-line we would be left with after losing cogs, barron and possibly bell.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    Instead of Vik sign Campbell, then use the 2nd round pick on the BPA.

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    i like the carter pick butt doesnt fit the 4 pillars. i currently go to texas tech and have heard so much about him. he got suspended for a game for ripping coaches on social networks and ripping a door of a locker

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    Re: THOLTFAN81's Off-Season Mock

    You guys need to stop hating on vick. I think the guy deserves a 2nd chance. And he got one and he is working really hard so he can play.

    He served his time in jail
    He served his suspension
    He has gotten so much crap about it

    Let him have the chance to prove whether he can lead a team or not.

    I think it will take one 3rd rounder to get Osi
    i doubt the taylor thing thou old running backs tend to slow down
    You should add a TE
    Nice Suh pick

    Can you guys imagine it:

    LE: Chris Long
    LDT: Cliff Ryan
    RDT: Kingakong Suh
    RE: Osi Umen....

    And Adam Carriker as the substitution guy. When healthy he can penetrate.

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