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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    Quote Originally Posted by rams_man13 View Post
    No doubt man, Kiper is a moron...
    haha, I can't tell if that is serious or not.

    I don't think Kiper is a moron at all, the guy cares about football, and he is good at his job. I mean, you could have nobody player from nothing college in the middle of no where picked, and he'd tell you what the guy did in college and give a scouting report pretty much on the spot. He puts a lot of time into it.

    That said, he's still just a talking head, and he is wrong a lot. Just saying don't put much stock into grades. The Rams were graded down severely for taking Bradley Fletcher, a guy everyone in the media said was a dumb pick and could have been had in the 7th and probably could barely make the team. As it turns out, several other teams wanted to draft him in the 3rd as well, and he was a pretty good player. So really, the media had it entirely wrong, and multiple teams were on top of a guy the media had just sort of dismissed.

    Just don't take the media too seriously, people too often forgive and forget when the media highly rates a guy who drops and then busts, but stick with the guy who the media says was a reach and busts. It goes both ways.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    Quote Originally Posted by dave626 View Post
    Bradford= we needed a QB

    Safford= Great pick imo, bookend tackles for years to come with Brown in the center absolutely outstanding. Bell at LG, Fraley at RG, I guess this is why BD was saying that he considered the O line to be a strength in 2010, then everyone else is depth and competition.

    Murphey=Great pick, its a passing league and so far in this draft I think the Rams have shown that they GET IT. We need a DE no question but with good CBs it gives us lots of flexibility for our front 7 packages.

    So far we have not taken the popular or sexy picks but we have addressed 3 spots with potential preseason starters, and I like it.

    If we dont trade for Osi then I would grab the DE in the 4rth.

    GO RAMS!!!
    Do we all feel that no pressure on the opposing QB is less important than making sure we take these CBs that werent on anyones radar?

    Pass Coverage is nothing without a pass rush.

    We can be true blue Rams fans without giving out passes to this coaching regime.

    They were miserable last year as evidenced by atrocious play calling, and this year they are following the same pattern.

    Will Bradford play asap? most likey no-- these guys are too conservative to put a rookie QB.

    We pass on tons of PLAYMAKERS in round 2 to take the Indiana tackle? come people-- speak your true feelings-- not Im surprised Im holding back because Ill get lambasted otherwise.

    We pass on more prime players in rnd 3 to take the guy who plays the back seat to Joe Haden? is 6 feet big? come on.....

    What is Spags in love with CBs? then he shoulda taken one in rd 2.

    And if and when Bradford plays-- who is he gonna throw the ball to?
    No one we have strikes fear into any teams heart, yet we do nothing to address that situation.

    Spags and Devaney are turning into Laurel and Hardy. Is there an organization that pays certain coaches of certain teams large incentive money to make sure that those certain teams stay terrible? Lord Almighty, help the Rams to help themselves.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    I like jerome murphy. Watched him at USF. good player and can help in the return game. I liked this quote from him...“I know they once were the ‘Greatest Show on Turf,’ and when I get there I’m going to put on a show.”

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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    To me, after the Bradford pick, kind of strayed off a bit.

    Saffold, at first I didn't like it, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. So that pick was okay.

    But, I was expecting us to trade back up and maybe pick up a desperately needed target for Bradford like Gronkowski, Williams, or Benn.

    Instead, they don't, and grab Jerome Murphy. I am not a fan of this pick.

    We passed on:

    Damian Williams
    Jimmy Graham
    Jared Veldheer
    Ed Dickson
    Donald Butler
    Brandon LaFell
    Andre Roberts

    I am not a fan of this pick. And so far, we still haven't gotten a reliable target for Bradford yet. And our D-Line still has no additions. Hmm.

    We'll see how Day 3 goes.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    pretty much agree, Rockin. Tho I wasn't a fan whatsoever of the Staffold pick at the time. (Still not crazy about it, but wouldve been okay with a few other tackles still out... we'll trust theyve seen something I haven't on Rodger) I was also pretty sauced earlier, so it was painful watching those names leave the board after the j-murph pick

    Hoping for a more "Wow, now we're talking" day 3 to make up for day 2. We've got some nice picks coming up in the next few... (please) let's make them count.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Rams First 3 Rounds

    1. Bradford: I see him eventually becoming a great QB in this league.

    2. Saffold: I didn't see this pick coming at all, however, I feel that it's a solid pick. This pick gives us a pair of young bookends for the next decade or so, who should be able to keep Bradford on his feet. Honestly, I had never really heard of him till today but apparently he was pretty highly sought after. From what I've heard, the Vikings at #35, the Bucs at #36, the Raiders at #44 and a few other teams were looking to pick him or trade up for him. So obviously the value was there.

    LT Saffold (or Smith)
    LG Bell
    C Brown
    RG Fraley
    RT Smith (or Saffold)

    This is going to be a solid line, should give Bradford plenty of time to find his WR's.

    3. Murphy: Again, didn't see this one coming. Devaney has a good head on his shoulders, he sensed that a run on CB's was coming and he headed it off first. Turns out the next few picks were also CB's.

    I think going into rounds 4 and 5, our biggest needs are DE and TE. Honestly right now WR isn't THAT big of a concern for me. Sure it's definitely a need, but I think it ranks 4th behind DE/TE/OLB. (Plus at this point, we really aren't going to find that #1 receiver and thats what we need. Next years draft is LOADED with #1 receiver potential.)

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