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Thread: Tomorrow's available

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    Re: Tomorrow's available

    Hill Glenn Jenkins, then WR rnd 3 again

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    Re: Tomorrow's available

    If this is not a premonition, I don't know what is. I don't believe in that but, hey, "a picture..."

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    Re: Tomorrow's available

    I like Cordy Glenn, Stephen Hill, and Lamar Miller in that order. Adds so much speed to our offense, and Cordy is an athletic Guard. Sam would be very happy with this!

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    Re: Tomorrow's available

    Quote Originally Posted by todd1 View Post
    Hey koa, I've been a fan for a long time. Regardless of my amount of posts (which typically occur during draft time), I am a diehard. So where your desert storm anology fails is where you say the FIRST scud had been about 7 years of scud missiles for the rams, bro.

    I realize many picks are to come, but what, other than blind blue and gold sunshine out your asshole optimism, has you convinced the rams will hit on these next 5 picks ( I think even to the 4th round there is potential for draft success)?? Hey, I hope they do well, but expecting it is far out of the realm of my realism.
    sure. first, there's been one pick, so that's one scud missile before your prediction of ongoing draft failure. Listen, don't take my post wrong: be disappointed, that's totally cool and understandable. I respect the strategy in play here and maybe you don't. But for the rest of us who are looking at this thing intellectually rather than just knee jerk emotionally, those of you who predict further gloom because the guy(s) you wanted the Rams to pick in the first was not, sound like a jets fan booing before Goodell has even given the selection. There was also the "stole your lollipop" analogy but I don't want you to feel like I'm condenscending in any way. I'm merely suggesting you wait.

    I'm extolling patience... there's a lot of picks to go. Want to bash the Brokers pick, go ahead. That pick we know. But to say the Rams (with new gm and coach) have already failed because they're continuing a streak of failure is too apocalyptic doom and gloom for my taste and it's quite annoying.

    patience young paduan. if they really F@*% up this draft, we'll know tonight and then we can cry together and you can tell me you told me so and I'll nod sadly, each one of us wondering if the other is going to 'reach around'.

    second, i didn't say my optimism was blind, just audacious. And to answer your question, for the first time in a long time, i finally see 'common sense' in the Rams FO. And putting past failures on Fisher & Snead is a little unfair. Besides, I've not stated I expect anything. I don't know if they're going to hit or miss on the next 4 picks and neither do you. I could ask you back what has you convinced the Rams won't hit on the next 5 picks? Answer? We don't! That's why I want to actually see the Rams draft so I can then evaluate it. Look, I hated last year's draft picks. But I waited until it was over before I started my wailing and nashing of teeth. Snead and Fisher are pragmatic, i'm not sold that they've botched this thing all to hell, because we don't have enough information yet. Heck we could argue that the Rams first pick isn't even over yet, because we don't know who they'll take at #39 and #45 (that's ignoring the 2 1st rounders they picked up for later too). Maybe once we do, we can evaluate whether Brockers and these mystery 2nd rounders stack up against 1 early first round pick.

    I think these guys are playing it smart and pragmatical. To say they're continuing the previous regime's failures is clearly short sighted and that's what I was calling you out on. They've clearly got a strategy to fill in the most holes they can... gotta wait until tonight before we see how they're doing it. Lots of great talent left. we shall see.

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    Re: Tomorrow's available

    I would take Jenkins but only in the third because he addicted to weed and i can see him as a pacman jones type guy...Has talent but might get suspended to often

    I would go Offensive Line here...Depends what Fisher thinks of our 2 OTs Saffold and Smith if he thinks one should be bumped inside to guard get Mike Adams (if you need the RT) Cordy Glenn (if both stay at tackle and we need a guard) or Jonathan Martin (if we need an LT and move Saffold to LG)

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