Here are the ones I'll have my eye on:

1. Steve Hutchinson, OG, Seattle
I seriously doubt he'll be available, unless the Seahawks get strapped by signing Alexander and don't want to franchise him. That said, if he does hit the market, I would nearly break the bank to get him.

2. Nate Clements, CB, Buffalo
Would make the Rams' defense instantly better, by providing the ability to match up with top WRs and allow younger CBs like Bartell to develop covering No. 2 guys. Also would allow Rams to go with a front 7 player in the first round of the draft, which I think is the better way to go.

3. LeCharles Bentley, OG, Saints
Like Hutchinson, he might not hit the market. Like Hutchinson, if he did, I'd make a big push for him. One real benefit of Bentley is that he is equally able to play C and G, which would allow the Rams' young interior linemen (Terrell, Incognito) to find their best spot.

4. Chris Hope, FS, Steelers
Not a guy who gets a lot of press, but a very solid player at a thin position for the Rams. Would be a great mentor for Atogwe and could bring the attitude of having played on a top defense.

5. Darren Howard, DE, Saints
Perhaps he'd like to play for his old coach? He's coming off a year where he missed 4 games and was relatively unproductive (only 3.5 sacks), but he's 29 years old and has been a steady performer for a number of years.

6. Rocky Bernard, DT, Seahawks
Wouldn't it be nice to sign away one of the Seahawks defensive linemen, for a change? Bernard would be great in rotation with Kennedy and Pickett, and could be a good replacement for RP if he decides to spurn the Rams and sign elsewhere.