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    Trade back for Curtis?

    Hey all,
    Just wanted to start a thread for your opinions and insight into the possibility of the Rams trading back for WR Kevin Curtis. On NFL network they said Kevin Curtis could possibly be expendable now with the surge of other WR's stepping up and the Eagles could possibly listen to trade talks for teams needing a WR. Kevin would be a great depth option and has played here before and reliable WR for this young banged up core. For sure better option that Tim Carter i'd presume. I maybe don't see him as a long term starter over over Avery or Robinson in the following seasons, but a good veteran WR for depth would be good for this team. I like who we have now thats developing in Burton, Avery and Robinson for the future however just my insight is possibly a depth role.

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    Re: Trade back for Curtis?

    KC is an explosive player that i always liked...better than what we currently got at this stage when healthy..never seems to play many games without having an injury tho..for a late round pick maybe..but even that would be a gamble considering how many times he`s out injured.

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    Re: Trade back for Curtis?

    Kevin Curtis is 31 years old and has had problems staying healthy. Find a way to trade for the Curtis of 2005 and we'll talk. Otherwise, save the pick.

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    Re: Trade back for Curtis?

    ya we don't need another injury prone wide out when all our current wideouts are injury prone. Curtis is even more injury prone.

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    Re: Trade back for Curtis?

    no, no , no....why would you even type this.....

    he is the type of player we are moving away from ....not toward

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