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    Trade down and .....

    I have read so many threads on what the Rams organization should do in the draft. I feel the most logical scenrio would be to trade down, unless a high impact player such as AJ or Mario falls in our lap. Trading up would cost us way too much with so many great players to follow in the draft. Trade down and get a 1st and 3rd round pick-- 1st choose a "tweener" player (Manny Lawson--as an end he does lacks weight, but he can always gain weight---look at Peppers. As a SLB he's perfect, he has the size and speed to keep up with say VD. He's the perfect tweener for the defense Coach L stated he wants to play). Next grap a TE, and then OL and so on. --- This is my first thread so I didn't want to go to far, would love to have feedback...Go Rams!!!!!

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    Re: Trade down and .....

    I think trading down makes a lot of sense for us. But I also really like the idea of trading up to #5 to get Hawk if we don't have to give up too much to do it. I think he would make an immediate impact and improve our defense. The only way I think we should stay at 11 is if Huff would somehow fall to us.

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    Re: Trade down and .....

    If all the big guys are off the board(Hawk,Huff,Davis)I would like to trade down and maybe get an additional 3rd rounder and then we could pick Lawson or Wimbley or even Sims


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