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    Lightbulb Trade up not down?

    Now when I say trade up I do not mean for the #1 pick. I had a thought today. Why not trade up and get two first rounders this year. I understand we cleared some cap space this year and we have a lot of needs but listen to this thought.

    Try to pull a trade with KC. I know sounds crazy but they have a lot of money tied up with Cassel this year and may not want to spend the money on the #3 pick.

    A trade with KC; give them 2nd this year and 1st next year and another pick (maybe second in 2011) but they would probably ask for more.

    If this were to happen this would give St. Louis choice at LT and Curry. (If Detroit doesn't take Curry. If they did I would never do this trade)

    This would help solidify the O-Line and get the best player in the draft that could be a player to make an immediate impact on Defense.

    What do you think of this scenario????

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    Re: Trade up not down?

    Well someone else beat u to this scenario that everyone shot down i think it was 24/7 that posted thiis before.

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    Re: Trade up not down?

    The Rams are not trading up to get the third pick in the draft. There's very little about the draft one can predict with certainty. But this is one of those things.

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    Re: Trade up not down?

    I could see us trading back into the first round, but definitely not in the top ten, probably not even top twenty. We have too many needs to invest multiple draft picks into one or two players. If the next Orlando Pace was one of the tackles I might be inclined to mortgage the farm for him and Curry(who, as everyone knows, I think is the next great LB of our era), but I don't think Monroe or Smith are the "elite" types who you do everything possible to land. But hey I wouldn't mind trading up to get Beatty.

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    Re: Trade up not down?

    I may trade out of the Round 1 altogether and load up on 2nd and 3rd rounders.

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    Re: Trade up not down?

    There is enough depth at the majority of the positions to feel confident a quality guy will be there at #35. That pick is basically a late 2nd round pick, and there are quality guys to spare through the 3rd. We most likely won't be hopping around unless there is a target player, and they are within a few picks of where we are at. We need to look at the long run, and getting new quality replacements will be it. We need to utilize our picks, and not waste them away on moving anywhere when a player will be available anyways.

    On that note, I do like how we switched out 5th and 6th round picks with Atlanta for a WR to add some depth. We didn't move far in either round, and we didn't lose any picks or rounds. We got a young receiver with a little experience, and hopefully we can use what we have or find some quality in the coming months.

    Good luck to us all.

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