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    Trade winds picking up

    Trade winds picking up By Todd McShay
    Scouts Inc.

    The biggest developing story in the last 24 hours is the Rams' increased interest in Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler. The Rams are correct in believing the Cardinals are targeting Cutler with the 10th pick. As a result, the Rams have been working the phones trying to bait the Lions (No. 9) or Bills (No. 8) into a trade that would allow them to move ahead of the Cardinals for Cutler.

    The Lions have not been overly receptive, as they have their sights set on Texas DB Michael Huff. Should Huff be off the board when the Lions go on the clock, they might change their mind. In the meantime, St. Louis will continue to work with the Bills, who have shown far more interest in dealing.

    Bills coach Dick Jauron is reportedly eager to trade up for the two players he covets most from this year's class -- Virginia OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Ohio State OLB A.J. Hawk. Unfortunately, general manager Marv Levy does not feel it is prudent to mortgage a second-round pick to move up for Ferguson or Hawk. Although Levy isn't necessarily sold on the idea of moving at all, he is far more receptive to trading down.

    Buffalo isn't as wild about the top two defensive tackle prospects -- Haloti Ngata (Oregon) and Brodrick Bunkley (Florida State) -- as most are led to believe. A source tells me Levy prefers Ngata because of concerns regarding Bunkley's character and ability to adjust to cold winters in Buffalo. The coaching staff, on the other hand, covets Bunkley because he's a far better fit in the new one-gap penetrating scheme.

    Joe Robbins/US Presswire
    The Rams would love to get their hands on Jay Cutler. The Bills also have extremely high grades on Cutler and Huff. Although it might be a long shot for the Bills to draft a quarterback after using a first-round pick on J.P. Losman in 2004, it is something that reportedly has been tossed around during draft meetings. Cutler might carry a higher grade, but the team likely would select one of the defensive tackles or Huff ahead of Cutler simply because of need.

    The reason trading down has become so much more attractive for the Bills is because they're beginning to realize they can get a similar value in the low teens as with the eighth pick. Should they make a deal to move down a few spots to pick No. 11, Huff likely would be gone but Ngata or Bunkley should still be on the board.

    The Eagles, who hold the 14th overall selection, also have contacted the Bills for a potential trade. The Bills likely would lose out on both defensive tackle prospects, but they have some other prospects (OLB Ernie Sims, OT Winston Justice and DC Jimmy Williams) -- targeted in that range, as well.

    What's hard to figure is which prospect Philadelphia would value so highly as to make such a significant trade? There has been no leak from Eagles camp at this point, but my best guess would be Justice. Although Justice generally is considered a mid-first round prospect, there have been reports that teams such as the Cowboys (18) and Buccaneers (No. 23) have contacted the Ravens (No. 13) about moving ahead of the Eagles (No. 14) to select Justice.

    Finally, if the Rams do get a deal done to move up for Cutler, it could put the Cardinals in a tough spot. Arizona had considered Sims as a strong possibility with the 10th pick, but recent reports regarding multiple concussions in Sims' past have forced the Cardinals to reconsider. At this point, Justice and Williams are back in the equation.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Trade winds picking up

    Unless they know something in Ram camp we don't know, with Bulger and ferrotte already there why trade up to get Cutler? I think we have two solid starters at that spot. If he is there at 11 fine. I still think trading down would be better. Next year get a QB......or get one in the Later rounds. Where the likes of J. Montana (6th) and Brady(6th) were found. May be off on the rounds ,but I'm pretty close!

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    Re: Trade winds picking up

    Montana was a third round pick.

    Still, your point is well-taken. Plus, look at all the high-rated busts. (Ryan Leaf, anyone?)

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    Re: Trade winds picking up

    This is so dumb. I hope this is a bluff.. We have far more pressing issues than a freaking future QB..

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    Re: Trade winds picking up

    Well I think that the rams don't want cutler to go to the cards they had a great off season with free agents , Marc has not had really good season's the last years with injury's due to our bad offensive line we may not know how bad those injury's are and what the coach's see in mini camp Ferrotte is a good back up for the next two years at most , I truly think that smoker's going to be gone ...I do however believe we should not draft him and go the D side of the ball , games are won and lost with the D our Offence is still very good to and will win games ! go D Linehan

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    Re: Trade winds picking up

    I agree, we have 4 QB's on the roster, why waste a first round pick on a QB who will be warming the bench. These so called experts are not too bright.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Trade winds picking up

    You know, Every frickin 9er fan has told me Joe was drafted in the 6th and one said the 7th. Bunch f'n bone heads . Sorry for that mistake. But i never ever thought it was the 3rd. hmmmmm. oh well! you pulled the facts card on me!

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    Aquitted Killer Guest

    Re: Trade winds picking up

    I really hope they are just trying to stir things up with this. Bulger and Ferrote should enough to get us through next year and Fitzys inconsistancy will improve with experience. There's no real need to draft a high dollar QB with our 1st pick.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Trade winds picking up

    It's just a ploy to get to who they really want. And if we knew it would ruin their plans. they won't take Cutler way!!!:clanram:


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