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I am on record on many threads stating that Bradford should not be the pick at one. If he were so worthy locked in, why are we still working him out 6 days before the draft?. Maybe this is common, but it draws question to the certainty of taking him with the 1st overall pic, trading down should be done in a heartbeat.
And to note, as reported, Bowie (I mean Bradford) being reluctant to sign before being drafted is the foundation of a disaster waiting to happen. The last thing you want from your "franchise" is missing OTAs and potentially some training camp trying to get Peyton Manning money without throwing a pass. This was reported after the workout he had with Shurmur today- that Sam was quoted as saying " they had me taking the snap from center and doing things I have never done before". Is this the guy you want missing ANY time trying to capture the last big rookie payday. Without discussing how spread offense qbs in college translate to success in the NFL, as Gruden stated " you have the worst pocket presence I've seen. You just don't slide well". And this is our guy???
6 wins in three years. ( that hurt to type) We BETTER get it right and with more options, we have a better chance of doing just that.
Well Ram, the reason for his workout is probably exactly that, he iSNT a lock...YET! During his first workout he didnt workout for us, he worked out basically for himself. Now, OUR guys get the chance to look at him closer, his technique, any little doubts or 2nd looks they may want to see. Its buying a car really. Youve been to numerous car lots. Finally, you narrow it down to about 2 or 3. Your more than likely going to go back to the 1st and 2nd for another test drive, even though youve already seen what they can do. Right??..

As far as him not signing, not showing up etc, etc; Dont buy into the hype. Everything you hear right about now is probly not like you originally heard it(hence your Gruden quote to Bradford about pocket presence lol.)

If you are truly a Rams fan, you want...scratch that, you NEED to trust Devaney. This guy is a beast.