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    Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    [Nick] Welcome to the ClanRam's annual Draft Chat featuring special guest Scott Wright, founder and president of NFL Draft Countdown! The format for tonight will be a question & answer session where one member will pose a question to Scott, and then Scott will answer. Only one question will be asked at a time, and questions will be submitted based on the order of names on the right hand sidebar.

    [FERTER] Scott, thank you for being here. Of the 2009 draft prospects who do you consider to be the best player available?

    [Scott Wright] I gave two players in this draft my "Elite" grade, which I am very stingy with: Matthew Stafford and Aaron Curry. After that there are three guys jockeying for the #3 spot: Jason Smith, Michael Crabtree and Eugene Monroe.

    [Goldenfleece] Great to have you here, Scott. Supposing the Rams opted for a defensive tackle in the second round, which do you think would be the best fit? I know a lot of people around here seem to be talking about Brace and Hood as possibilities.

    [Scott Wright] I think Ron Brace and Evander Hood would be the names St. Louis is looking at if they wanted a DT in round two. It kind of depends if they want a big run stuffer (Brace) or more of a pass rusher (Hood). Personally, I think they have bigger fish to fry.

    [koakoi go rams] Hi Scott! Given your "elite" status on Stafford... do you honestly see the Lions going that route and trying to get themselves a franchise qb for the future? Or do you think they're gonna go for someone else?

    [Scott Wright] I think they have to take Stafford but the Lions aren't exactly known for making good decisions. Jason Smith and Aaron Curry are fine players but they don't win championships, quarterbacks do.

    [r8rh8rmike] Thanks for taking our questions Scott. Considering the critical nature of the second overall pick, do you see any legitimate risk in drafting Aaron Curry, then moving him to the middle, a position he's never really played?

    [Scott Wright] No, Aaron Curry is the safest pick in this draft. My only concern about taking Curry in the Top 3 is you'd be overpaying for the position based on the contract he'll get.

    [Rambunctious] Thanks for being here. Some say that defense wins championshps and the Rams last year were 29th against the run... so why would we go OT at number 2?

    [Scott Wright] The Rams are actually a pretty boring pick at the top of the draft. They are going to take an offensive tackle and the only question is whether it will be Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.

    [tholtfan81] Scott, thanks for taking all our questions. Now that my boy Torry Holt is gone, and that era is over, do you think it in any way increases the rams possibility of taking Michael Crabtree? I have been Pro-Crabtree for a while now.

    [Scott Wright] Well, I would have said that Crabtree was in the mix for St. Louis if they hadn't already released Orlando Pace. I wouldn't totally rule it out but all signs point towards an OT for the Rams, which is a position they've wanted to address for a while.

    [wto1453] Thanks for being here. I think the rams need DE. In day 2, which prospect they can grab?

    [Scott Wright] Well, I'm not sure DE is a huge need and if they did take one it probably won't be until round five or later. Keep an eye on guys like Kyle Moore (USC), David Veikune (Hawaii) and Henry Melton (Texas).

    [tholtfan81] FYI, for those that didn't see Rotoworld, Holt nixed a deal to the Titans because he refused to restructure his contract....that really disappoints me that Torry would do that..i know this is off topic just thought id say it

    [RamsFan4ever] Hey Scott, thanks for being here. Do you think the Rams are going to trade down? and How much would the round 1 pick get for the Rams?

    [Scott Wright] I don't blame Holt. If the Rams didn't want him anymore he has earned the right to choose where he finishes his career.

    [Scott Wright] Like most teams the Rams probably wouldn't mind trading down but I don't see there being much of a market in terms of people wanting to move up. I would be surprised if they didn't just stay at #2 and take Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe.

    [Nick] Scott, to me, it's really almost a coin flip when it comes to Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith. I think Monroe is the more polished player, ready to contribute from Day One, whereas Smith might have a bigger learning curve but still has a lot of room to improve. If you were a GM for a generic team, whom would you choose between the two and why?

    [Scott Wright] Well, you hit the nail right on the head in comparing the two. I gave the slight edge to Smith in my rankings because not only does he have all that potential but he also possesses the intangibles to maximize it.

    [Scott Wright] Personally, I still think they have some issues in the secondary. Especially at cornerback. Bartell is really the only guy they can feel comfortable about at this point.

    [FERTER] Scott, you seem confident that the Rams will take an OT with their first pick, having given us that, who do you currently project the Rams taking with their second round pick?

    [Scott Wright] Well, in my last mock I had them taking a wide receiver which they really need now that Torry Holt is indeed gone. I have them taking Kenny Britt but Hakeem Nicks could be a possibility too if he fell that far and Brian Robiskie might be in the mix as wel

    [Goldenfleece] Do you see any of the linebackers available in the 2nd round or later as probably upgrades over Will Witherspoon at the middle linebacker position? I tend to think Will is better suited for the “Will” position, but I'm not sure if a later draft pick could represent a real upgrade.

    [Scott Wright] There is a chance James Laurinaitis could be there. Otherwise I don't really see anyone else in Round Two. Darry Beckwith could be a possibility in Round Three, Jason Phillips or Dannell Ellerbe in Round Four.

    [mcknight] Hey Scott, Thanks for being here. Do you see Ramses Barden Lasting Until the 3rd round? and If so do you see the Rams Possibly drafting him? at 6'6 he would be a great Redzone threat.

    [Scott Wright] I think Ramses Barden will definitely be there in Round 3 and maybe even Round 4 or 5. Personally I like Barden but the Rams need a top, starter level talent at wideout.

    [r8rh8rmike] Scott, any idea about the history of how players respond after getting the type of surgery that Michael Crabtree just had done?

    [Scott Wright] All indications are that there will be no long-term problems for Crabtree and his foot.

    [Rambunctious] Knowing we have a lot to rebuild is there any position the Rams need to upgrade that you think next year's draft is flush with so it would be better to wait?

    [Scott Wright] Well, there are going to be some good defensive tackles in next year's draft with Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma and Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. There are also two potential Top 10 picks at safety with USC's Taylor Mays and Tennessee's Eric Berry.

    [tholtfan81] Scott, what player do you see realistically making the best impact in this draft from day one, and being a solid consistant starter throughout his career.

    [Scott Wright] Probably Aaron Curry. He is probably as close to a sure-thing as it gets. However, he may never be that superstar, impact game-changer either. Think more Keith Bulluck than DeMarcus Ware.

    [wto1453] If the Rams want to develop a young QB, which one will you choose day2?

    [Scott Wright] I really like Rhett Bomar. I would consider him in Round 2 but he'll probably be there in Round 3 or 4. He has starting potential in the NFL. Later on I'd look at Nate Davis from Ball. St., Curtis Painter from Purdue and Hunter Cantwell from Louisville.

    [FERTER] Scott, of the 3 WRs you previously mentioned (Britt, Nicks, Robiskie) which do you see as being able to gain a starting spot from day one?

    [Scott Wright] I think Britt and Nicks have the most potential to be impact guys. At best I see Robiskie as a solid #2. Britt is the most talented but he also has some character red flags.

    [Goldenfleece] Do you see any top prospects as likely to experience a Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers type freefall on draft day?

    [Scott Wright] It could be Mark Sanchez. For a guy people were talking about as a potential #3 overall pick he could fall into the late teens if San Francisco passes on him at #10.

    [koakoi go rams] gen'l consensus is this year is not as deep for rb's as in year's past. seems movement on FA rb's is slim as well. if the Rams don't take a FA rb, who do they pick up in the draft and why?

    [Scott Wright] Well, it's definitely not on the same level as last year, which may have been the best running back draft ever. It all depends on what type of player and what round you are talking about but here are some potential fits for St. Louis:

    [Scott Wright] Jeremiah Johnson, Oregon / Mike Goodson, Texas A&M - Round 4 Kory Sheets, Purdue - Round 5 or 6

    [mcknight] hey scott. What do you think about Miami's Bruce Johnson as a Possible Selection at CB on day 2?

    [Scott Wright] I think Bruce Johnson could be a nice pick for St. Louis in Round 4 or 5.

    [r8rh8rmike] How far, if at all, might Andre Smith fall come draft day considering his recent setbacks?

    [Scott Wright] Andre Smith will still go between #6 and #13. Cincinnati, Oakland or Washington.

    [Rambunctious] Not that it's an exact science but how much weight do you give a combine/pro days performance versus a players college career? People seem to go ga ga over the combine.

    [Scott Wright] People can definitely go overboard with workout results but it is an important piece of the puzzle. You don't throw away four years of tape based on a forty time but you can't ignore those results either.

    [tholtfan81] Scott, who do you consider the most overrated prospect in the draft, and who do you consider the most underrated prospect in the draft?

    [Scott Wright] I think Michael Johnson from Georga Tech, Pat White from West Virginia and Andre Smith from Alabama are all overrated. On the other side of the coin I think North Carolina safety Trimane Goddard is being underrated.

    [Nick] Scott, a few weeks ago Dan Pompei wrote up a short piece about a couple of different prospects. In it he said Eugene Monroe "will be red-flagged on some teams' boards because of knee issues that were revealed during medical testing at the combine." Do you think he's just referring to previously known issues with Monroe's knees, or something new that was discovered at the combine? Have you heard anything on this?

    [Scott Wright] I have only heard the same rumors as most but it all seems to be stemming from that one article. At this point I am treating it as mere speculation and if there is an issue teams don't seem to be overly concerned about it.

    [Scott Wright] Something like that could tilt the board in Jason Smith's favor though.

    [FERTER] I will pass. But I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Scott for doing an excellent job and joining us here at our site. Nick thank you as well for being an excellent host.

    [Goldenfleece] I noticed on Draft Countdown, cornerback is listed as one of our top 3 needs. Does the number of young, developing defensive backs on our roster (Hill, Wade, and King drafted in the last three years) affect the likelihood we would take another early on?

    [Scott Wright] Well, those guys have been young and developing for quite a while now. The Rams need to get some results. As I mentioned earlier Ron Bartell is really the only guy they can feel good about at this point.

    [drummerman1011] So since itseems o be we will draft OT in the 1st round, you think Luarnitis will drop to the 2nd round? or yout hink the rams will go a different route int he 2nd?

    [Scott Wright] It's possible Laurinaitis could drop to the Rams in Round 2, at which point he'd be a great value. Otherwise I think wide receiver has to be a major priority for St. Louis.

    [koakoi go rams] all of this is stellar info, thanks so much Mr. Wright for taking the time. i've heard so much about B.J. Raji, but not so much about the other hulking DT's available. After Raji, is there a big dropoff in quality, and will Fili Moala fall to the 3rd?

    [Scott Wright] I think there is a big drop-off after Raji and Peria Jerry from Ole Miss. Jerry isn't getting nearly enough credit but he is a Top 20 value. Like Raji he was also outstanding at the Senior Bowl. As for Moala, he could / should be there in Round 3.

    [mcknight] hey Scott. why do you think that Rice's Jarrett Dillard, (WR) isn't being talked about alot? and do you see him as a possible Steal in the draft?

    [Scott Wright] I think Dillard, who was extremely productive for the Owls, is a solid mid-rounder. He doesn't have a lot of upside though and will probably max out as a #3 or #4 wideout in the NFL.

    [r8rh8rmike] Scott, do you see any potential busts coming out of the first round? Thanks so much giving us your insight tonight.

    [Scott Wright] There will always be busts. If someone takes Michael Johnson in round one they will likely be disappointed. Andre Smith is a Boom or Bust type. I think Aaron Maybin also has major bust potential.

    [Rambunctious] Have you honestly scratched your head at some of Linhan and Shaw's picks in the past? Do you have to calculate a team's track record of bad picks into your mocks?

    [Scott Wright] I definitely take a team or decision maker's track record / history in consideration when doing my mocks. For the most part St. Louis hasn't been too unconventional.

    [tholtfan81] Scott, where do you project Crabtree falling too after this surgery and on a level of 1-100...100 being the highest...what do you think the Rams odds of taking Crabtree are?

    [Scott Wright] As of now I'd say Crabtree will go either #7 to Oakland or #8 to Jacksonville. Not necessarily because of the surgery though. As for the Rams, I'd say there is perhaps a 20% chance they take him at #2.

    [tonyray05] Scott do you think that Harrell from Texas Tech would be a good late round pick at QB.

    [Scott Wright] Yea, I wouldn't have any problem with Graham Harrell in the late rounds, i.e. 5-7. I don't see him ever being anything more than a backup in the NFL though. At best.

    [wto1453] If the Rams choose Curry in 1st round, which OT will you choose in 2nd round?

    [Scott Wright] If they pass on Smith / Monroe in round one they had better pray William Beatty from UConn drops to them in round two. Otherwise they probably don't get a starting-caliber left tackle in this draft.

    [Nick] Alright, that does it for this edition of the Clan Ram Draft Chat w/ Special Guest Scott Wright!

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    I couldn't make it to the chat so thanks for posting it Nick.

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Thanks again Nick this was a blast. The draft is such a rubiks cube of confusion for me. I had resolved myself we weren't going Raji and was starting to like Curry and now... ahhhhh... I don't know. But I love it.

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    We should be all over a Smith double whammy - Jason Smith and Sean Smith

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Thanks for posting this, Nick. Wish I could have been there.


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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Quote Originally Posted by Weddle View Post
    We should be all over a Smith double whammy - Jason Smith and Sean Smith
    Jeez, if we go for Pacman, we could have The Smiths, The Browns, and The Jones'....

    Maybe spice things up a bit with Wopamo or Ramses.

    Not at all up for Adam Jones in reality but the two Smiths do sound pretty good.

    Come to think of it, I'm not all that thrilled with paying a kicker millions who seemed to have trouble getting TBs in a dome and not being any more accurate or long-legged than many booters at a fraction of his cost.

    Booter is not a word.

    I'll stop now except to say there weren't any surprises in Scott Wright's comments , were there?

    The only thing that gave me pause is his certainty that Andre Smith hasn't done some serious damage to his 1st round aspirations. Will teams think this kid can handle the immense pressure on a top pick?

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Well as for pressure and "top pick" I think Scott did admit to Andre doing some sort of damage. A large ammount of people thought that he would be the top OT taken and that would mean he could have been a #1 or #2 pick in the draft. So to go from 1-2 to 6-13 is a heavy drop depending on what you look at. If that is the case, than he is no longer considered the best or even second best tackle of the draft. (that'll take some pressure off) Also, he did some heavy damage in that a top 3 draft pick will make a ton more guaranteed money than a 13 pick. We are talking several million dollars worth of guarantees. You could buy each member of your family a new house, start a business, start a charity fund, invest into something, or just live ridiculously spoiled with the extra millions and millions that Andre Smith is now not going to have. So in a sense, Scott definitely acknowledged some sort of drop off on Andre since pre-combine. Now the problem is, there is no guarantee. If anyone see's him as a threat, he could drop below 13, we never know.

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Just my opinion but I never thought A. Smith would go before Monroe,Oher,and J. Smith. Oher fell out of consideration earlier & Andre has always had some question marks about his weight & whether he had the pass pro feet to be an LT in the NFL. Add the immature/ill-advised Combine behavior....

    Even at pick#10-15, A. Smith would still be some team's top pick & feel that pressure,regardless of whether he was the top tackle overall. I'd feel very squirrelly about the guy if it were my team picking at that point.

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    Re: Transcript of ClanRam Draft Chat w/ special guest Scott Wright

    Just to follow up, there was a Rams question in Scott Wright's lunch chat today:

    11:15 [Comment From Brent]
    How do you see the Rams' first round choice playing out? Some believe they will take Monroe (ESPN blogger Matt Sando says they are big fans of Monroe) and others believe it will be Curry. There is even talk about them taking Stafford if the Lions do not take him with the #1 overall pick.
    11:17 Scott Wright: All signs point to an offensive tackle for the Rams, with the only question being Eugene Monroe or Jason Smith. Keep in mind that they drafted Chris Long #2 overall out of Virginia last year so they have some familiarity with that program, which could work in Monroe's favor. The only other guy who could even possibly be in the mix for St. Louis is Michael Crabtree.
    The response there, along with Scott's comments in the ClanRam Draft Chat, makes it sound like he doesn't really consider Curry to even be in the running.

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