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    Transcript of Draft Chat w/ NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright

    First of all, thanks to everyone who participated! We had a large number of Rams fans and some fans from other teams as well, and it really was a great event! In case you missed the chat or just want to refer back to an answer, here's the transcript...

    [Bored of Ed.] Mr. Wright, what kind of impact does the recent Falcons/Texans trade have on the Rams 1st round pick? (esp. the fact that houston will not be taking a QB now)

    [Scott Wright] It could actually have an affect because if Levi Brown is gone at #10, which is very possible, then Houston could take Amobi Okoye and I think he's the Rams top target right now.

    [george_allen] any current word on anthony waters condition and expectations for his pro day performance?

    [Scott Wright] I actually talked to a source about Waters about a week ago and his recovery is coming along well and he plans to work out in April. I think he is underrated and if not for the injury would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    [gob] Who would you classify as having the best pro day so far?

    [Scott Wright] Gob, I want to see the Chicken Dance! I am not sure anybody has been amazing at the Pro Day's at this point but the two that jump out at me as guys who people said really impressed them were Trent Edwards (QB from Stanford) and Joe Staley.

    [gbpackers0065] Scott, what do you think about Duke CB John Talley, can he be like Mike McKenzie can he switch to S?

    [Scott Wright] I don't see Talley as a safety to be honest. He is underrated right now and one of the biggest Combine snubs in my opinion. He's more of a Cover 2 / zone type but I like him as a late rounder.

    [JRoc] A few mocks have the rams going with a CB in the first. Do you think this will happen?

    [Scott Wright] Yea, I think the Rams are looking defensive tackle or cornerback with that first pick so if Okoye is gone a corner is a very strong possibility. Unless they think Carriker can move inside to tackle that is. Hall, Revis and Houston could all be options.

    [max] Scott, Do you see Jamaal Anderson dropping to us, do you see us taking him if he's there, and is he a big risk?

    [Scott Wright] Anderson could slip that far but I don't hink he will. Even so I don't see the Rams taking him. They have a lot of money invested in Leonard Little, they traded for James Hall, drafted Victor Adeyanju last year, etc. They need help inside at tackle.

    [mysterui] Scott, what name will we be hearing a lot more of come draft day, and which of the "elite" prospects have the highest chance of busting?

    [Scott Wright] I think Adrian Peterson has a high bust rate just because of the durability factor. JaMarcus Russell isn't a sure thing either but I will go with Ted Ginn, Jr. because even if he maxes out his potential he might never be more than a #2 wideout.

    [Scott Wright] As far as sleepers go, watch out for Jacob Bender, an offensive tackle from Nicholls St. His stock is really soaring right now.

    [nfrillman] I personally think that the only remaining glaring weakness the Rams have is at DT. How likely is it that the Rams will trade up after either Okoyi or Branch is taken in order to get which ever one remains.

    [Scott Wright] At this point there is a chance that Alan Branch could still be there at #13 but I just really think Okoye is a PERFECT fit for the Rams and I sure wouldn't fault them for getting agressive and trying to move up for him. He could go as high as #4 or #6 too

    [pistolpete] Brian Baker, our DLine coach, went to Utah to personally work out a couple of their players, including Paul Solai. How does he look as a 4th-5th rounder? Or, more specifically: do you think he could contribute this year, or would he take longer?

    [Scott Wright] Soliai is an interesting guy and more of a nose tackle type. He could be an option in that 4th or 5th round area though. He's a bit of a workout warrior.

    [r8rh8rmike] Hawaii RB/WR Nate Ilaoa had some impressive rushing and receiving numbers last year and looked incredibly quick and agile despite his 5' 9" 250 pound frame. Where is he on the draft radar and how well do you think he could translate to the next level?

    [Scott Wright] Ilaoa sure doesn't look like the normal prospect but he will be a late rounder at best. He will be more of a 3rd down / situational back but his lack of timed speed is a concern there.

    [ramsbruce] Scott, why do you think that Okoye is a "perfect fit" for the Rams? How is he a better fit than Branch in your opinion?

    [Scott Wright] I think Okoye can defintely be stout against the run and tie up multiple blockers but he also offers a much better pass rush presence than Branch does at this point. Okoye is more Warren Sapp while Branch is more John Henderson and I think the Rams need a playmaker.

    [RamsFan16] Scott, what reason would the Rams have drafting a Cornerback in Round 1? We drafted Hill in Round 1 last year and in the last three games of the season Bartell played lights out and we drafted him in R2 two years ago. Do the Rams plan to move Bartell to SS

    [Scott Wright] There is a lot of talk about moving Bartell to safety but even if he stays at corner I'm not sure he's starting material (and neither are they to be honest) while Brown and Butler aren't either.

    [RamsNation] if the rams go somewhere besides defensive tackle in the 1st, do you think someone like justin harrell could go to to them in the 2nd , and how far below the branch's and okoye's is he.

    [Scott Wright] I don't think Harrell is in the same league as Branch and Okoye but he's a guy who could go higher than some think, maybe even in the 20-32 range. I don't see him being there in round two but DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler could be.

    [timsum1283] When should the Rams address the offensive line and with who?

    [Scott Wright] I don't see the offensive line as a major concern and if anything they won't do anything there until Day Two. They would basically be looking for backups but I could see them taking a tackle at some point. Maybe a Allen Barbre, Mario Henderson, or Adam Koets

    [UtterBlitz] Hi Scott. DeMarcus "Tank" Tylerís has had some trouble with the law and the officials. Do you think his lack of control with will lower his worth in the draft?

    [Scott Wright] His character concerns are relatively minor and I don't see them having a big affect on his draft stock. He's a choir boy compared to some guys in this draft and in the league right now like Pacman and Chris Henry.

    [WannabeChef] Scott, now that the combine is past and workouts are progressing who do you see as the top mid-round sleeper and why?

    [Scott Wright] Sleeper in terms of just small school guys or anyone?

    [WannabeChef] Anyone.

    [Scott Wright] I still really like Trent Edwards. I think some team might get a nice starting quarterback with him in round two or three. I think Michael Bush is going to end up being a steal as well.

    [AvengerRam] How high can Baylor's Daniel Sepulveda, who some have called the best punter prospect in a decade, go in the draft?Could the Rams be interested?

    [Scott Wright] Not sure about best punter in a decade but he's a good one and I could see him going as high as round three or four. On a side note he is one impressive looking punter physically. When he went up for the weigh-in at the Senior Bowl he looked like a LB!

    [HUbison] Scott, your thoughts on the monstrous DT from NW Mississippi CC, Walter Thomas? And thanks for answering the Clan's draft questions tonight.

    [Scott Wright] Thomas is a REAL raw prospect and even though he has some physical tools to work with he's a long-shot. I kind of doubt he'll be drafted and even if he is he'll have to get in shape, get coached up and is probably years away from contributing.

    [Nick] Scott, the Rams have done a fairly good job addressing a number of needs in the free agency period. This includes a DE in James Hall, a receiver in Drew Bennet, LB help in Chris Draft, etc. Do you think they could be poised to make a trade up if someone they like slips a bit, or do you think they'll be content to remain at 13?

    [Scott Wright] I haven't heard anything about them considering a trade up but it's early and certainly possible. I know they like Okoye and to make sure they him they might have to get aggressive.

    [bills_red] Rate the Bills Offseason and what do you think they will do day 1 of the draft.

    [Scott Wright] Defensive tackle and cornerback are the positions they are targeting early so I would expect that on the first day.

    [cfh128] Do you see the Rams spending a Day 1 pick on a KR/PR, and if so who do you think could be a possible target?

    [Scott Wright] I don't see them doing that on Day One, unless they get a 2-for-1 with a guy like Darrelle Revis in round one. Yamon Figurs could be an option in round three or four and then I really like Ryne Robinson as a late round return specialist.

    [gbpackers0065] If the Packers miss out on Lynch what position do you see them drafting? A safety? Maybe a tight end?

    [Scott Wright] Greg Olsen would be a possibility but a wideout like Ted Ginn, Jr. would be real tempting as well. Otherwise Reggie Nelson would make sense. Green Bay has a lot of needs though so they will be able to address one or another regardless.

    [george_allen] scott, have you ever considered adding a page for p/k returners in your sites rankings section? any other return man possibilities for the rams other than who you mentioned?

    [Scott Wright] I have but I also list whether a guy is a return prospect in the scouting reports. There are plenty of guys who can help in that regard and the top one who I didn't mention earlier is probably Aaron Ross from Texas.

    [Gob] Looking towards 2008, Who are your favorite prospects?

    [Scott Wright] Does Gob stand for George Oscar Bluth? It's still early but Glenn Dorsey, Jake Long, and Zach Bowman are among the top senior prospects for 2008. Darren McFadden is going to be the stud if he comes out though and he better than Adrian Peterson.

    [JRoc] The Rams could do with a Running Back to take some of the load off Jackson. Do you see the Rams addressing this on day one and who do you think would be a good fit for the team?

    [Scott Wright] I don't see them taking a running back on the first day and if they did it wouldn't be until round three. There are plenty of options though: Chris Henry, Brandon Jackson, and Tony Hunt would be a nice fit as well.

    [max] Any chance the Rams will take Patrick Willis at #13 if the 2 DT's are off the board? Could they play him at SAM?

    [Scott Wright] I really don't think Willis will be there at #13 but if he was he'd be a nice pick and could realistically play any of the three linebacker positions. Buffalo at #12 might be a worst-case scenario for him.

    [nfrillman] Would you consider the Rams to have a top 5 offense right now with a Pro Bowl QB, top 3 RB, top WR imo, Hall of fame #2 WR, Bennett as a gigantic good 3rd WR, McMichael as a top 10 TE, and a young solid O-line.

    [Scott Wright] Yea, on paper they sure look good. And don't forget they have a good offensive mind in Scott Linehan at the helm as well.

    [pistolpete] If we want to address the SAM position, is our best bet Stewart Bradley, or do we have some solid options later? His stock seems to be rather high and perhaps we have more pressing needs.

    [Scott Wright] There just aren't many strongside prospects in this draft and all of the top guys are WILL's. Stewart Bradley is really the best game in town when it comes to a SAM this year...

    [r8rh8rmike] Scott, how far down the defensive lineman talent pool do you think the Rams will be willing to go withtheir first round pick?

    [Scott Wright] I think of Branch and Okoye are gone they will have to look elsewhere because there won't be a tackle worthy of the pick unless they feel Carriker can move inside, which is possible.

    [RamsFan16] Scott, if the Rams were to take a Cornerback at #13 who would be the best fit for us?

    [Scott Wright] I think Leon Hall would be a nice compliment to Tye Hill.

    [RamsNation] what is your opinion of jay alford of penn. st.,when do you think he could go, and why is he not rated higher with 8.5 and 8 sacks and 11.5 and 14.5 tackles for loss the last two years?

    [Scott Wright] Production isn't always everything and those Penn State defensive lineman don't have a real good track record in the NFL in recent years. He'll be drafted but is more of a Day Two guys, like round four at the earliest.

    [STLLAMBS] All the mock drafts suggest that the best DT's and DE's will be gone, along with Willis. So do the Rams make a rare first round move up or down? And who do you think they should target?

    [Scott Wright] I absolutely think they should target Okoye but he could go as high as Tampa Bay at #4 or Washington at #6. If they can't get in range for him I'd stay put and grab Leon Hall or maybe even Branch if he falls.

    [timsum1283] What has happened to Quinn Pitcock and why has his stock plummeted?

    [Scott Wright] I think Pitcock is a solid guy but just doesn't stand out in any one area. There is no star potential there but he will be a solid player in the league for a long time. He could be a steal in round two.

    [UtterBlitz] Lorenzo Booker visited with the Rams this offseason. Do you think there is any chance that the Rams FO are considering him?

    [Scott Wright] It's possible and he'd be a nice compliment to Steven Jackson in round three.

    [AvengerRam] What do you think of UTEP's Johnnie Lee Higgins. I have him as the top PR in the draft.

    [Scott Wright] I don't know about top punt returner but he can definitely contribute there. I think he is underrated as a wideout prospect right now and would be a steal if he fell out of the first day.

    [HUbison] Back on the subject of SAMs, I'm hearing a lot of rumblings about Zak DeOssie from Brown. Is he a legitimate SAM prospect and where might he go in the draft?

    [Scott Wright] Yea, DeOssie could be a SAM and he's so versatile he could play both outside or inside depending on scheme. He is also a terrific long-snapper and that will really help him on Draft Day. He will be a mid-round pick.

    [Nick] Scott, if the Rams wanted to address the defensive end position in the second or third round, who are some of your favorite mid to late Day One ends that you could see them going after?

    [Scott Wright] I don't see defensive end being a priority for them early in the draft since they are three deep now. There will be good value there though and I love Ikaika Alama-Francis. Dan Bazuin and Brian Robison are two others that I like as 3rd rounders.

    [cfh128] Being from Syracuse, I was wondering if you think our hometown hero, punter Brendan Carney, has any shot of playing in the NFL?

    [Scott Wright] He does and Carney actually did well at the Combine. I think he will probably go undrafted but he'll get a shot in someone's camp.

    [gbpackers0065] Do you think the Packers would be better off drafting a Eric Weddle type safety in round 2 or sticking with who they have in Marquand Manuel and Marviel Underwood?

    [Scott Wright] No, they need to address that secondary and Manuel is the weak spot. They have to take either a safety or corner on Day One.

    [george_allen] do you see any teams showing up as aggressive suitorsto trade up for the rams 13th pick and if so, who, and who would they be after?

    [Scott Wright] I am not sure I see there being a big market for that pick at this point but it is still early. The hot spots for moving up are going to be Detroit at #2 and Arizona at #5.

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    Re: Transcript of Draft Chat w/ NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright

    That was a lot of fun. Thanks to Nick for making it happen. And thanks to the Clan for well, just being the Clan. You guys were professional, courteous and intelligent. Exactly how this board should be represented.

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    Re: Transcript of Draft Chat w/ NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    That was a lot of fun. Thanks to Nick for making it happen. And thanks to the Clan for, well, just being the Clan. You guys were professional, courteous and intelligent. Exactly how this board should be represented.
    Right on HUbison. Good job Nick. Although I couldn't participate, I feel very proud of the Clan.

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    Re: Transcript of Draft Chat w/ NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright

    Just read the transcript. Great line of questions and interesting answers/opinions from Scott.

    Thanks Nick great job.

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    Re: Transcript of Draft Chat w/ NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright

    Unfortunately, I'm in tax season and couldn't be there last night but sounds like everyone had fun. Good job Nick getting this together.

    One thing that I found interesting from reading this transcript was his view of Penn State D lineman not producing in the NFL. Explains Kennedy's problem

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