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Thread: Trent Richardson to the Rams could make a lot of sense.

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    Re: Trent Richardson to the Rams could make a lot of sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by GROUND DOG 39 View Post
    Youve made some very valid points here Nick. It actually does look like RB's have been found in all the rounds, with some frequency. I can definitely see a trend here, so I am actually coming round to your view a little more. What does drive me nuts though, is the view a running back isnt worthy of a top ten selection in a draft. Because in some cases, depending on the quality or depth of a particular draft. Its an easy decision, and a safer decision to draft the BPA, even if he is a RB. I firmly believe the same for all the positions on a roster. If the QUALITY is there in abundance, it should far out weigh the percieved value of draft position. Obviously within reason that is.
    I do agree that, if the Rams can't trade down again, and Richardson represents the best option available with a noticeably higher grade than other available prospects, then pull the trigger. The question for the Rams will be whether they feel that's the case. While other prospects may not be graded as highly as Richardson, their positional importance may make up the difference and cause the Rams to go in that direction. It'll be interesting to see what the Rams ultimately decide to do. I think St. Louis would be a nice landing spot for Richardson, as he could ease into the NFL behind Jackson before eventually taking over for him.
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    Re: Trent Richardson to the Rams could make a lot of sense.

    I can understand why some people would be reluctant to draft a RB that high. For one we have other, more pressing needs. And two, they don't have the impact they used to. For example, in recent history (2009) Chris Johnson had one of the best single seasons a player can have. Ran for over 2k yards and set the single season yards from scrimmage record. However the team only won 8 games that year.

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