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    To turn around defense quickly, draft an LB or DE

    While it seems that, among the defensive positions, CBs and DTs are often the first to be selected, LBs and DEs are the quickest to acclimate and make an impact.

    Look at this year's top rookies: Shawne Merriman, Lofa Tatupu, Odell Thuman, Derrick Johnson, DeMarcus Ware. All LBs.

    Look at the Defensive Rookies of the Year. Since 1995, all but one (Charles Woodson) NFL Defensive Rookies of the Year have been LBs or DEs.

    The Rams are in deperate need of defensive playmakers. The kind of guys who draw so much attention that they make other players better. If a player like that is going to be obtained in the draft, he's going to be an LB or DE.

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    Re: To turn around defense quickly, draft an LB or DE

    Linebacker. Hargrove will develop alot more when we get a new DC and Dline coach. Little still has 2 more good years in him!


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