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    TWB 2011 First round MOCK!!!!!

    Taking into account team needs, team culture, coaches, and history I have developed what I believe to be an accurate first round mock, enjoy. I would include trades, but I believe there will be none because of the CBA disagreement -Tyler

    1. Carolina:Nick Fairley, DT - Had Robert Quinn continued his dominance from last year, and played, he'd be in this spot
    2. Denver: Patrick Peterson, DB - Easy pick, might be the best player in the draft
    3. Buffalo: Robert Quinn, DE - The pass-rusher this defense needs, best DE in draft
    4. Cincinnati: DaQuann Bowers, DE - A QB is tempting for them, but there isn't one NFL-ready enough for Marvin Lewis. A WR without a QB doesn't make sense, and there are no O-line guys here for them to pick up.
    5. Arizona: Von Miller, LB - They need O-line so bad, but that is not who Wisenhunt is. He wants to be Pittsburgh, and that start with a dominating LB force.
    6. Cleveland: AJ Green, WR - Shurmur is happy he finally gets an elite receiver
    7. San Fransisco: Marcel Dareus, DT/DE - ***** upgrade the D-line, they want to continue to be physical. They don't like any of the first round QB's.
    8. Tennessee: Blaine Gabbert, QB - Tennesee finally gets the QB the coach's want. Too bad Jeff Fisher isn't around to see it.
    9. Dallas: Prince Amukamura, CB/S - Great corner, some believe he may be better at safety. The Cowboys need both.
    10. Washington: Cameron Jordan, DE - Washington would love to take Julio Jones, but they know if they can't stop the run they will neve rbe able to thro enough TD's to win.
    11. Houston: Aldon Smith, OLB - Wade needs some guys. Smith is great pass rusher. I'd say CB, but they keep taking them in the first round and it doesn't help. I think they wise up and give that one a break.
    12. Minnesota: Tyron Smith, LT: One of the most overlooked aspects of how bad things got last season was the i juries and poor play from their line.
    13. Detroit: Brandon Harris, DB: They desperately need him here.
    14. St. Louis: JULIO JONES!, WR - Everyone exhales, and we get the best WR in the draft
    15. Miami: Cam Newton, QB - Rumor is they really like him. Everyone else dislikes the rumblings that he is actually a super-douche. Miami is blinded by love, but not totally, they keep Henne to start until Cam gets his chance to be a bust.
    16. Jacksonville: Akeem Ayers, OLB: I would say Mallet, but everyone knows Del Rio is not long for Jacksonville, so the GM just stock piles defense until the regime can pick a QB.
    17. New England: Mark Ingram, RB - Maroney leaves a bad taste here, but Ingram is going to be great in the NFL and even better with The Devil running the team.
    18. San Diego: JJ Watt, DE - They choose to upgrade an aging defense that has been dominant the last few years
    19. NY Giants: Derek Sherrod, OT - They think they get the best LT in the draft. They need him to be really healthy
    20. Tampa Bay: Adrian Clayborn, DE - They need some real help up front on Defense
    21. Kansas City: Ryan Kerrigan, OLB - They love big pass rushing OLB's. Tamba and him will be dominant.
    22. Indianapolis: Jimmy Smith, CB - They debate about Rahim Moore, but decide Smith is the better player.
    23. Philadelphia: Drake Nevis, DT - Not the right pick for everyone, but he is greta fit for the Eagles and that division.
    24. New Orleans: Jabaal Sheard, DE - The best pass-rusher left that fits their system
    25. Seattle: Gabe Carimi, OT - They will take Locker if he's around in the 2nd. No QB's to Carrol's standards left.
    26. Baltimore: Rahim Moore, S - Can replace Landry through the season and start learning how to be like Ed Reed.
    27. Atlanta: Mike Pouncey, OG - They need to replace Joesph who they will not resign.
    28. New England: Muhammad Wilkerson, DL - They really need a guy upfront that is not a bust. Wilkerson is good guy and the kind of mold-able prospect Bill likes.
    29. Chicago: Nate Solder, OT - He's better with the pass than the run, which thrills Martz
    30. NY Jets: Phil Taylor, NT - Jets reach out and get the bets legit NT in the draft. Ryan needs him and will make him a star.
    31. Pittsburgh: Anthony Castonzo, OT - They are thrilled a 1st round OT is still here
    32. Green Bay: Ryan Williams, RB - A multi-talented back who will help them cover up the fact that James Starcks is really terrible.

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    Re: TWB 2011 First round MOCK!!!!!

    If you guys think this is a good round 1 I will continue on until round 4

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