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    Kane Guest

    Uneventful FA

    I'm a little bit worried now that no real "name" players have yet been signed by the Rams.

    I understand that it is less expensive to draft a great rookie than it is to sign a well known free agent for your needy positions, but at the moment my impression is that the Rams are either going to try and address all their needs in the draft. Either that or they'll make do with less-able free agents and players not up to their roles (e.g.: Jimmy Kennedy last year).

    This is NOT the way you win anything. I personally would have liked to see an early move for Grant Wistrom on the Defensive Line. I was also a little surpriised by the choice of Tight End. Not good enough for the Dolphis, but good enough for the Rams? I think I'd have gone with Jermaine Wiggins, who was a key part of the Vikings offense prior to Childress.

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    Re: Uneventful FA


    I guess a top 5 TE the last few years is a no name. I think McMicheal and Bennet are good additions. It improves the Offense and allows the Rams to focus on the D in the draft.

    I live near DC and trust me buying up all the big name free agents is not the solution.... It's poor management...... The skins are still trying to figure out what to do with A Archu......

    I am not sold on Grant being the Rams savior? He's had some injuries and did not put up impressive numbers when healthy? Seattle was more than willing to let him go? You must ask why??? And last will Grant be helpful against the run and add pressure to the QB.

    I know the young Wistrom could but I am not sure right now....
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    Re: Uneventful FA

    moment my impression is that the Rams are either going to try and address all their needs in the draft
    What are are need? And then tell me the NAME players we should have made a play for, keep in mind the top D line men where all tagged. I would like to see what you think our needs are and who we did not get to fill them.

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    Re: Uneventful FA

    It seems to me we've already signed the best tight end available and the best wide receiver available. You'd rather Jermaine Wiggins over Randy McMichael? Take a look at the numbers.

    Jermaine Wiggins
    Year G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st
    2000 15 2 18 207 11.5 59 2 1 1 12
    2001 16 6 14 133 9.5 31 4 2 0 10
    2002 14 1 10 62 6.2 17 1 0 0 3
    2003 16 11 8 80 10.0 23 1 1 0 4
    2004 14 13 71 705 9.9 39 4 9 0 33
    2005 16 8 69 568 8.2 24 1 2 0 29
    2006 16 3 46 386 8.4 24 1 4 0 19
    Total 107 44 236 2141 9.1 59 14 19 1 110

    Randy McMichael
    Year G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st
    2002 16 16 39 485 12.4 45 4 8 1 24
    2003 16 16 49 598 12.2 46 2 8 1 29
    2004 16 16 73 791 10.8 42 4 9 1 42
    2005 16 16 60 582 9.7 30 5 4 0 25
    2006 16 16 62 640 10.3 24 3 5 0 35
    TOTAL 80 80 283 3096 10.9 46 18 34 3 155

    Not only is McMichael four years younger, but Wiggins' best seasons are fairly comparable to McMichael's average season.

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Uneventful FA

    i wasn't that mcmichael wasn't good enough for miami. they didn't want to pay him the roster bonus.c'mon. you act like we're picking up guy's out of the damn CFL , and ARENA league to field a, sometimes , some of you guy's moan about nothing at all.
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    Re: Uneventful FA

    A potent offense is a good Defense, And James Hall will definetly take some pressure off Little. The only thing we reallyl need at this point is an interior Defensive linemen. Our LB core is fine the line just couldn't keep the offensive line from T'ing off on em. The Colts as far as Stats were only marginally better than us and were worst against the Run, yet won the Super Bowl. Man Stop tripping. Had our team won the 3 games we should have, namely the two against the Seahawks, and the second game against the Niners, we would be 11-5. We could have made some noise in the play offs. The Raiders and Vinkings were ranked 3 and 8 on total defense respectively, and we put a whipping on them.

    With the way our Defense started to come together, they were starting to buy into the system, and guys were coming back from injuries. Our Offense got it going the second half of the season. With the addition of a top 5 TE, and a reciever who could play number 1 WR, on teams right now, playing the slot for us. That makes our offense look really dangerous. Look at what Linehan did with Minnesota, and Miami the years he was there.

    Our team just got way better and you're complaing of a UNEVENTFUL FA. Get your panties out of a bunch.
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    Re: Uneventful FA

    i totally agree with you jigga... the rams in 1999 and 2001 didnt have the best defenses but had admirable defenses that came up with big stops when needed... with the offense scoring so much and so often, it put great pressure on opposing offenses to score as well which got them off their game plan... with the offensive signings, i believe our defense has gotten a bit better.... with young players getting another year of experience, their only going to get better... THE DEFENSE WILL BE BETTER THIS YEAR!11111

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    Re: Uneventful FA

    Quote Originally Posted by Kane View Post
    This is NOT the way you win anything.
    Neither is simply signing "name" players. After all, how many championship rings do the Redskins have over the last decade?


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