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    Updated Mock: 1 - 3 - 06 11:01 PM CST

    I'll do write ups tomorrow in Study Hall.

    I'm going by what Nick reminded me about ... Haslett wanted to move Witherspoon back outside (According to STL Today, I think thats who)

    Round 1. Patrick Willis MLB Ole Miss

    Round 2. Tim Crowder DE Texas

    Round 3. Paul Williams WR Fresno State

    Round 4. Justin Harrell DT Tennessee

    Round 5. J.D. Nelson S Oregon

    Round 5. Garrett Wolfe RB Northern Illinois

    Round 6. Lyle Sendlein C Texas

    Round 7. Dallas Sartz OLB University of Southern California

    Comments appreciated.

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    Re: Updated Mock: 1 - 3 - 06 11:01 PM CST

    Yes. Good stuff.

    I'm assuming we're signing a DT in free agency, by your thinking? I don't think, for instance if we sign a Freeney or a Smith, that DE will be a concern that should be adressed in Round 2.

    I'm also guessing this means we're letting KC or Mcdonald go to FA?

    But for where we are now, that suits me. Especially like Rds 6 and 7. I rate both of these guys highly, and Sartz played well in the Rose bowl. I think he had a sack and a buch of tackles. Look for this game, combined with a good workout, to push him higher up on draft boards.

    Sendlien may be feeling the effects of playing in the wake of Derrick Blalock. He's a competent and skilled individual, and he has not 'bennefited' from playing next to Blalock as much as some might say. Exactly the kind of consitstent player you want around here, maybe even higher.

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    Re: Updated Mock: 1 - 3 - 06 11:01 PM CST

    i think we will grab a first round DE for depth but also because Little is now getting quite old

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    Re: Updated Mock: 1 - 3 - 06 11:01 PM CST

    Probably one of your best efforts yet, youngster (IMO). However, I still think we spend our first day strictly on the defense.

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    Re: Updated Mock: 1 - 3 - 06 11:01 PM CST

    -Willis: Great pick, can play either MLB or SLB so it gives the Rams some options on D. Hopefully he makes it by San Fran and Buffalo who could both use him as well.

    -Crowder: Decent pick, seems to carry a second round value in some places but others don't think as highly of him, more of a run defender than a consistent pass rusher.

    -Williams: I don't like this pick at all. I'm neither a fan of Williams as a prospect or of the Rams going WR on Day One. He's a fine athlete but doesn't have it together as a football player.

    -Harrell: He simply won't be there barring a big setback in his recovery. Would have been a first rounder before injury so no way he lasts to the fourth in a weak DT class.

    -Nelson: Decent prospect because of his physicality but I'm not a fan of adding another young safety under six feet tall, we already have two of them.

    -Wolfe: Fine with this pick, should be a decent situational player behind Jackson, doesn't have much return experience in college but has the tools to get the job done in the NFL.

    -Sedlein: Probably as good of a late round center as you're going to find. Not flashy but consistent and hard working. Has versatility to play guard as well.

    -Sartz: Good depth or special teams linebacker, wouldn't count on him as more than a back-up but that's fine for the seventh round, not much of a playmaker but is a good reserve

    Overall, first two rounds are good but you lost me from rounds three through the first pick in round five. Not a fan of Williams and Nelson seems like more of what we already have in terms of size at safety, and again if Harrell is healthy he probably won't make it out of round two let alone out of the first day. The second pick of round five through the end was strong though.


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