We filled 1 OLB, 1 Safety and 2 WRs spots in the first 3 rounds which is what I had mocked. Love how OgleTree attacks and destroys ball carriers.

I will always wonder what would happen if we had traded back and got DeAndre Hopkins instead along with another 2nd (another dominant pass rusher ?) or 3rd plus keeping our original 2nd, but I think the staff decided they needed to get more explosive WRs with quicker guys who can attack defenses with tall, long CBs like the Seahawks Richard Sherman.
The offensive scheme will now change significantly as using this new speed and quickness the underneath and crossing routes will become the Rams bread and butter until the defenses go one on one with the outside and then we will try and hit the home runs from that angle. This is going to help guys like Brian Quick become extremely dangerous.

Where do we go from here ? It's all depth now from what I can see.

4th round - We need another safety.
5th round - We need another RB.
6th and 7th - Offensive Line