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    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alec22 View Post
    In the last years in the 4th round we have selected:

    Dorell Scott, Justin King, Keenan Burton, and VA

    I would trade any of those guys heads up for vick.
    Thats were we disagree then, because I wouldn't trade Scot or Burton for Vick.
    While the 4th round has been better than the 3rd round over the last couple of years even, vick would be brought in as the starter with null and aj and the backups
    Then we would draft suh,
    Then we would still have a whole at QB that needs to be filled, I would rather have Bulger for another season then have Vick come in.
    A 4th or 5th round pick coupled with prob a 6th or 7th would not be a bad deal at all for a major fan attraction and a starting qb.
    So now we are giving them two picks? For a washed up gimmick QB that was never good at throwing the ball?
    Vicks last season (while a while ago) he was top ten in tds, td/int ratio, and total yards. He only even played with 1 semi playmaker and never had a D above 14th overall yet got the team into the playoffs even the nfc champ game and remember the game against us????
    So he had a pretty good defense (14th overall) and two other play makers (Dunn, and Crumpler) and he went 7-9?
    Id give a 4th or 5th for that type of hype around the team and a starting qb over justin king or dorrell scott anyday.
    Again if I wanted to bring Hype to the franchise I would draft Tebow, but we are trying to build a winning franchise.

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    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    Granted you all know my stance on Vick.

    I say we trade for him - draft Suh and get a QB somewhere else in this draft.

    Honestly, what the H-E-double hockey sticks is Philly doing....

    Philly is a team headed down hill. They are weak at offensive and defensive line. They have a legit QB, TE, WR, RB.

    I would think they are the front runners for Brandon Marshall even though their hasn't been alot of media talk about it.

    I think Seattle's push for McNabb is because Marshall said to Seattle, "You get McNabb, I sign with the Seahawks."

    I think the Eagles feel if they hold their QB's until Marshall and/or Sproles sign they have a better chance at getting these guys.

    Once they trade McNabb or Vick it gives more teams opportunity to get the RFA's over to their team.

    I am sure if McNabb went to Seattle, Marshall could be at ease signing there are putting up huge numbers.

    How about a blockbuster deal:

    Rams trade Gibson, Atogwe, and 2nd rounder for Marshall, Scheffler, and 3rd rounder back

    I think we have so many options for trading our round 2 pick.

    Gibson and our 2nd rounder for Marshall.

    Denever also holds the 9th overall pick.

    I wouldn't be against swapper pick 1 with 9 if it invovles Marshall.

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    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    I have said from the beggining, ideal we give a 5th and a 6th for vick, (we have phillys 5th anyway)

    But yes i would trade dorrell scott straight up for vick, i would trade justin king str8 up for vick, and burton straight up for vick.

    If this trade was done it would not be for a #3 qb, it would be for vick as the starter.

    Yes, he went 7-9 one year...he also went to the nfc championship game......and the team went 4-12 without him...

    And while building a winning franchise is obvi mine as well as everyones #1 priority, when you have multiple blackouts for the first time in franchise history, you need to put butts in the seats, and i think this would help that, as well as moving the franchise in the right direction on an effort to win.

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    Re: Vick Lobbies for Trade to Rams...

    I think the problem with Vick, is that he did change defence schemes with physical ability.. Ability which I just don't think he has anymore... his time has gone. Keep bulger and bring in someone w/ the 2nd pick.. get suh and get us decent on oneside of the ball atleast

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