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I am not saying anything about those guys being better i would just like someone cheaper cause i know there are qb's out there who can do what mark has been doin for us lately. And i'm not blamin it on him that our team is bad, but his huge contract has muredered us from day one so he needs to be gone.

Lets take a chance on a 3rd rounder (lefevour?) i'm not particular, i just think we need a change of quarterback. I never liked his demeanor on the field or the fact that he ran into sacks weekly. He doesn't navigat well inside the pocket. The line that made him a probowler was definitly the best line in the nfl at the time . Obviously sometimes it was the line who let people get through, but somewhere along the line a 9-10 million-dollar-a-year man needs to make a play of his own. And he doesn't so he should be gone.
I feel your pain, man. I think we're all ready for a breath of fresh air at the QB position. And yes, it would be nice to get a QB at a lower price. Although, we are in pretty good shape with the salary cap for the first time in a long time.

From the salary stand point it would make sense to make a change at QB. Where I was coming from was drafting our QB of the future in Canfield and let him learn under Marc. Again, I'm just not excited about any of the FA QB's that are being discussed. But, I can see where it would make sense to bring somebody else in.