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    Re: We don't need a WR in the first 3 rounds!!!

    Pickup up a Reggie Williams, Matt Jones or Ronald Curry then the best receiver on the board in round 3...

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    Re: We don't need a WR in the first 3 rounds!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by 39thebeast View Post
    I would take a risk on a younger guy in FA with potential like D.J. Hackett
    That would be my preference as well, but if they cant get him I would be fine with a veteran WR. I would rather not take a WR in rounds 1-3 because we already have three young players with potential why add a fourth when we need to fill other positions like MLB, NT, OT, SLB. I would take Barden in the 4th if he is still on the board. IMO the first three rounds should be dedicated to finding guys at the biggest areas of need that could potentially contribute this year. We have no real MLB, NT (Ryan is not a true NT), SLB, or 2nd OT. At WR we have three young guys that need expierence and to learn the NFL we don't need a 4th.

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    Re: We don't need a WR in the first 3 rounds!!!

    WR is still a huge need regardless of who we pick up, because besides guys like Hackett and Ronald Curry there isn't a ton of attractive fits. Stanley is coming off a torn ACL and really hasn't been terrific ever, plus we really can't put tons of stock into a 7th rounder coming off a major injury. Burton was really injury prone and even though he showed flashes when healthy we can't really put a ton of stock in him either. Avery is the closest thing to a starter on the roster and he really looked good, but he wasn't Mr. Durable either. He will continue to develop as a starter, but he needs help to take some attention of himself. We can live with Ryan at NT and add a rotational big body later in the draft the same goes for Culberson, but if we don't add a legite threat at WR Avery will be seing doubles all day and we will be seeing 8 in the box all day. WR is really a legite option in rounds 2-3

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