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    onslaught11 Guest

    Thumbs down We need some beef up front in the draft

    Ok, it is just past mid-season and I am seeing the same alarming trend. The DL and OL are the biggest problem with this team. I know you can say coaching decision, secondary, etc, etc. But I see the DL and OL as problem. We have small LB. Our LB seems to average around 230lb. We need beefeater to take on the OL and keep them off our LBs. So many times I see opposing RB with a G in front of him into the second level with the G taking out our undersized LB and RB running for big gains. That why I like to see the following happen in the draft.

    Round 1: Frank Okam - DT - Texas
    He is a big boy that is stout against the run and add a pass rushing element. I watch him play and have not seem him get blown off the line. He seems to hold up well against the run and has a bull rush to the QB. I would rather have Alan Branch DT Michigan but the way he is playing, I see him going TOP 5. The Rams don't have a chance of getting him. Okam is almost as good as Branch. If he declares, I would pick Okam up.

    Round 2: Adam Carriker - DE - Nebraska
    He is not playing as well as he did last season but he is still doing very well. He can play a 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT. I see he can be a 4-3 DE for the Rams or a swing man DE-DT. Good hustle. Reminds me of a bigger but slower Wistrom.

    Round 3: Kyle Young - C/G/T - Fresno State
    If he came out last year he would have been the 1st C taken. Right now people are down on him, not sure why. Maybe because he is up to 350 lbs. He need to shed a good 20 pounds. He is very good against the run and above average against the pass. Maybe the extra poundage made him lose a step on his lateral movement. Doughnut Bros will be 36 and 37 year old next season. Steusie will be 36 also. Terrell is a mystery. Need Kyle Young to steady the line.

    Imagine a beef eater DL next year on certain run package:

    Jimmy Kennedy - 6'4 325lb DT
    Frank Okam - 6'4 320lb DT
    Adam Carriker - 6'5 290lb DE
    Claude Wroten - 6'3 300lb DE

    Not going to get much rushing yardage on them.

    Also, for round 1:

    I would be OK with Patrick Willis - MLB - Ole Miss
    and Paul Poslusny - MLB/OLB - Penn State

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    Ahbatu Ujeema Guest

    Re: We need some beef up front in the draft

    Carrikers Teamate Moore DE would be more of a value of a pick in maybe round 3 or even 4. Carrkiker has let himself get fat and slow.

    Carrkier should have had a HUGE year this year, they played 3 cupcakes and outside of Texas and A & M and USC the rest of the teams in the big 12 are very down this year especially in the Big 12 North.

    Carriker would be a bigtime waste of a 2nd round pick.

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    onslaught11 Guest

    Re: We need some beef up front in the draft

    If not Carriker, then who? I think he can get back to being dominant. I can flip 2nd and 3rd. Go OG in the 2nd and DE in the 3rd.

    Maybe Ben Grubbs OG Auburn in the second.
    Maybe Anthony Spencer DE Purdue in the third.

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    Re: We need some beef up front in the draft

    Spencer won't be there in the third. I'd look at someone like Ray McDonald if you want some mid first day beef at DE.

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    Country Guest

    Re: We need some beef up front in the draft

    Drafting DL is dangerous so many bust.


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