It seems like every draft season follows a similar pattern.

We start with a list of players who we think are at the top of the overall list.

Then, during the Senior Bowl/Combine/Pro Day process, certain players rise up and become hot commodities (at least in the eyes of the media).

Finally, in the final two weeks before the draft, we have "backlash season." Like a swinging pendulum, the over-hyped are pushed back to the middle with reports of negative "whispers" or "upon closer review" criticisms.

We're seeing it now with players like Tavon Austin, Cordarrelle Patterson, Eddie Lacy and several others.

The question is... how much of this "correction" is coming from NFL teams, and how much is just the countless members of the "sports media" trying to one-up each other?

Here's my thought...

I think that this is, more than most, an extremely tough draft to prognosticate. There are a lot of very good prospects, but few great prospects. As a result, efforts to push certain players into an elite category are being met with a lot of resistence.

For me, this is actually a good thing. Watching the draft is infinitely more fun when there's uncertainty and suspense. This year, we'll be on the edges of our seats before each of the Rams' selections, as it won't be clear who will be chosen until the names are called.

So, hold on to your seats, Rams fans...

Its going to be a bumpy ride!