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    Oshiomogho Guest

    Welcome to the Rams

    YouTube - A.J. Feeley The Legend

    The future looks bright! I'm starting to lose all hope for our team.

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    Re: Welcome to the Rams


    Was it really necessary to post yet another thread where someone goes off about how much they hate the signing of a backup quarterback? I mean...there are at least three such threads, many of them several pages long.

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    thickandthin Guest

    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    Why get this guy when we have Bulger lol?

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    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    So we can get Bulger out of here and save 8.5 million dollars.

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    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    Quote Originally Posted by Oshiomogho View Post

    The future looks bright! I'm starting to lose all hope for our team.
    Well there Oshiomogho .. very impressive highlight reel .. Couple of questions for you:

    1)Do you know offhand which current NFL quarterback set a personal high of 6 interceptions in a single game? I wonder what that highlight reel might look like ...

    2)Do you know which current NFL quarterback has thrown 162 career interceptions, yet has managed to get to the Super Bowl a couple of times and actually won one?

    I imagine if someone put together a highlight reel showing all 162 interceptions he wouldn't look very good .. yet there are probably alot of NFL teams that would be glad to have him. A.J. Feeley wasn't signed to take us to the promised land, rather as a backup who knows Shurmur's offense and can mentor a young quarterback as well as fill in when needed. Whoever our 2010 starting Qb turns out to be, he'll need to be surrounded by better players than we were able to field during the 2009 season. People have complained about Shurmur's offense, and to be sure it has been underwhelming. However, if you enter a car in a race with hopes of winning, it won't matter how powerful the engine and drive train is if there are only three wheels with tires and no steering wheel. Lets face it - we are lacking components - and even if that 162 interception guy were to have quarterbacked the Rams last year, I doubt if we would have even sniffed the playoffs ...

    Peyton Manning set his personal high with 6 interceptions against the San Diego Chargers on November 11, 2007. Every dog has his day I guess ..
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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    lmao how weak this argument is, you get a video of a backup quarterbacks interceptions, at least mix in soem foh is good plays so we get a full picture....

    Go lose hope for the Rams if you want, ill wait a few more years and see where we're at before I do something as short sighted as that.

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    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    Clearly it is just a tape to smear him and all his mistakes, but I'm also not sure why Rams homers are defending him so.

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    Dominating D Guest

    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    It shows how ignorant some of the members are.

    AJ is a back up who knows the system and those who want the Rams to spend big money should become Redskins fan. Damn, this maybe the wrong year to do that since they have finally come to grips that spending big money in free agency is not the best way to build a team in the NFL.

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    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    It's funny how one signing of a player makes people think it's the end of the world already.

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    licketyblue Guest

    Re: Welcome to the Rams

    I remember a game with AJ Feely at QB and he demolished the rams!

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