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    Re: What about Shaun Rogers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    there was a thought in San Diego that Rodney Harrison at 28 was past his prime...

    id like to have anyones guess on if he has issues or not in Detroit,didn`t they say the same about james hall??

    ok,Hall hasn`t lit up St .Louis but he hasn`t been a "cancer" neither!

    i think with players for teams like Detroit,Arizona etc.... (and the way we heading the Rams) ya gotta give consideration that the player just may be done with losing and not making the play-offs year in year out...during his career Rogers has been better than 90% if not more of the DT`s that have played in the SB,that gotta leave a lil bad taste in his mouth!

    all that said and yes i did say earlier "id like to have him" but unless by some miracle he became available on the cheap,i dont think we should go for him...other needs etc....
    I agree . I didn't say Rogers was a cancer. I said "if". But look at Hedgecock. Linehan and co said he was an attitude problem and he wasn't. What matters is trying to discern fact from fiction when making FA/draft moves. We don't have access to information the coaches have so we can only trust that whatever moves are made will be well thought out.
    Is that giving Linehan too much credit? Hope not.

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    Re: What about Shaun Rogers?

    from michigan, not a good player not a clutch player. When detroit could have beat dallas, he sat on defence the whole last minute of play. his ego ius much bigger than his talent

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    Re: What about Shaun Rogers?

    maybe he had one to many hamburgers the night before. ):

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    Re: What about Shaun Rogers?

    Just read a report that the Lions are keeping him.

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