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Thread: What Do Teams Being Sold or Moving Do?

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    Re: What Do Teams Being Sold or Moving Do?

    I'm all for and be an ear to ear grin if the Rams ever came back to Socal, but pretty sure they aren't shooting themselves in the foot intentionally to make it happen. Maybe a few too viewings of the fine sports film Major League :-)

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    Re: What Do Teams Being Sold or Moving Do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Waller View Post
    1. They cut guys to save money for the future, and let own players walk.
    2. They do NO long term deals
    3. They really don't do all they can to try to win
    4. They keep quiet about everything that is happening.
    5. They do lots of PR about minor leaguers and draft picks fixing problems.

    That sets off alarms in anyone's heads.
    So, how does Saffold's new 5 year deal with the Rams fit into your theory?

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    Re: What Do Teams Being Sold or Moving Do?

    I straight-up disagree with all of this. It's totally speculative and has kind of been debunked by Saffold re-signing long term. We'll know about a potential move when it's time but at this point there's no concrete evidence to say one way or the other.

    As a sidenote, when was the last time a team moved cities? We're using decades-old logic at a minimum.

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